Big Big Thanks Abbey Wood

This story happened on: 22/03/2012

Well where do I begin, perhaps at the beginning??!!

My wife and I are reasonably new to this caravanning lark, starting 3 years ago with an Elddis Wisp 2 berth, moving to a Fiat Ducato 4 berth motorhome, finally settling on our recent purchase, a 5 berth Sterling Eccles caravan. 

So the idea, go away to somewhere local to home, (Abbey Wood 70 miles away), just the 2 of us, to work out how all the 'bits' work, and have a break to boot.

Upon arrival, about 7pm Sun 18th March, we were welcomed at the gate and sent on through quickly as it was late.  "Just come in in the morning to pay" etc.  Nice touch as we just wanted to get on with the job in hand. 

I was given a map of the site.....If only I had read it, as after much swearing under my breath, turning into the tent parking was not a good idea!

My next the manuals that come with the van.  I inadvertantly had the electric water running with the gas.  This tripped the power supply fuse.  My word, the wife heard new words that was for sure.

Off I went, sheepishly to the office (now closed) and explained my predicament.  I was amazed at the politeness, helpfulness and understanding of the staff member.  He came to our rescue!  Not only did he reset the fuse, he explained what I should do to rectify and prevent the problem occurring again.  He was an angel (in the words of the wife).

From then on, all went swimmingly.

We were both amazed at the location.  The site is located in an area of man-made unbeauty, but you go through those gates and it is an area of oustanding beauty.  Woodpeckers, bluetits, squirrels and other little lovelies.  And so quiet. Amazing!!

A walk to the station, 5-10 mins, and off into central London. £ 7.70  for unlimited travel.  Excellent.

I do go on a bit, but to summarise....We will be returning.  Great location, wonderful staff, perfect break.




Inali commented on 26/03/2012 19:58

Commented on 26/03/2012 19:58

I found it scary to tow in London (stayed at Crystal Palace then moved on to Abbey Wood), but it was well worth the effort- I agree that Abbey Wood is a lovely site, hard to believe you are in a built-up area when you are on site, but close to walk to the local shops, bus stops and train station.

RonStarbucks commented on 07/04/2013 11:16

Commented on 07/04/2013 11:16

Best site ever. Great location, no need to woory about towing in London.

Slipknot commented on 12/04/2013 15:56

Commented on 12/04/2013 15:56

Hi, we went to Abbey Wood on 3rd April for 3 nights, the site was excellent, friendly and wardens were great.  Good location for visiting the O2 and city.  A big plus is you don't have to worry about what time to be get back as trains and buses run into early hours.Smile