Part 3: Driving Etiquette.

This story happened on: 28/08/2017

As an experienced motorist with over 30 years on the road I’ve never had a speeding ticket, I’m unlikely to get one driving the van with no name. I know to pull over and let faster vehicles pass occasionally, I travel a safe distance behind other road users (this distance rarely decreases as they manage to maintain a decent velocity while I slow down checking my mirrors, again). I utilise the high cab’s excellent visibility to read the road ahead.

I’m starting to get used to the feel of “The Tank” (finally a name that fits but might be not be quite right) and comfortable travelling at 40ish on the straight bits when I see another motorhome approaching in the opposite carriageway, a slight panic engulfs me as I ask Batlass “Do we wave at other campers like motorbikes and bus drivers do to each other?”
She doesn’t know, there’s nothing in the manual about it.
I stare at the driver of the modern, gleaming, streamlined, beautiful, mobile home as the distance reduces. He stares back at a lumbering, square, white whale. Driven, it might appear, by a demented lunatic with white knuckles. He waves, his companion waves and smiles.
I grin and wave like a psychopath, Batlass laughs heartily and we pass safely. Then I remember I’m only holding the wheel with one hand and have another wobble.
As we continue we exchange waves and smiles with more motorhome drivers, I’m enjoying this, I feel part of a special group. I discover though, that campervans don’t wave to motorhomes generally and that caravan pullers never do. Is this some form of snobbery?
I decide to not concern myself too much as there would be a lot of waving done if we were to greet everyone.
It rains on and off as we drive but our spirits remain high with excitement, anticipation on our first holiday in over a year.