Damp and cracked panels

This story happened on: 23/06/2021

We bought a brand new xplore 402 had nothing but issues with it from leaking taps  that couldn't be seen to damp 80% in the toilet area damp around the boiler due to the taps leaking in the kitchen under the work surface ....the final issue after 3 yrs was cracking panels front and rear that didn't come under warranty they only warrant panels for one year even though it would create water ingress when the cracks were big enough so much for the 10 year water ingress warranty. Consequently I sold it and bought a older van from Burton caravans banked some money and this old Lunar ultima at the mo is doing fine when it doesn't it will go and we'll get another old van .I would never...never ..never buy a brand new van again and be under the powers of dealers and manufacturers that fob you off with B/S.