Nearly finished before we got started

This story happened on: 17/11/2017

I'm new to caravanning, and the lack of experience is unbelievable.

On one of our three outings this year, coupled the van up, checked everything (remember this sentence), and off we set with our Lunar Quasar 534 on a Ford Kuga and new tow ball.

As we moved off the most horrible sound came from the rear of the car, even worse as you go round corners, we went about half a mile and decided to turn back as we felt this was not safe.

We got back home as was looking at the van as an experienced caravaner walked past, we told her what was happening, 'Oh you will be fine', she said, 'its just the tow ball bedding in'.

With a bit more confidence, and reassured, off we set again, and, the noise did disappear, so far so good. We arrived our destination (Chatsworth House, Very nice ) and as we got into the village, got out, and asked a local directions. As I turned back to the caravan, I noticed the wet locker door was hanging down, minus out pump, drain pipes and toilet fluid, great I thought, cannot get much worse. We got to the site, I opened the caravan door, TV on the floor, forgot to take it off the shelf, blood boiling, I thought, Id best set it up to see if anything's broken.

Plugged in TV, put Ariel up, pressed Search on TV, no channels, at this stage, if someone said I'll give you £50 for caravan, Id have took it.  Walking around the site, I said to another caravaner, is it bad for reception here, 'Oh it can be' he said, 'you wont get a signal without a booster' My mind thought Booster, sugar, I haven't switched the booster on ( never let on though) went back, switched booster on, all worked Ok. TV is fine.

Thinking I must nip to loo, (in caravan) moved the handle before putting lid down. All in face.

Sat down having a cuppa, looked round, said to my wife, 'do you know, I love this little van', What, with a day like we've had, both cracked out laughing.

All sorted now, cannot wait for next year, I love it.

Google map showing location of Chatsworth House, Bakewell, United Kingdom

Lynneallan commented on 06/12/2017 12:50

Commented on 06/12/2017 12:50

Hello big rich,  I enjoyed your story, you did make me laugh.  Whe we started about 30 years ago we tried to put up an awning.  We set up the frame first, then scratched our heads, how do we fit this to the caravan, lucky someone came over and helped us, we did laugh!

 We are still learning!!

Enjoy your caravaning it's great.


brue commented on 06/12/2017 16:44

Commented on 06/12/2017 16:44

Nice story Big Rich, we've all done something. We left the dealership with our first van, unnoticed by us the main roof light was completely open, we panicked when we saw it in the driving mirror, it survived the M5, we were lucky! (One incident amongst many....) Enjoy your travels. smile

jonray57 commented on 07/12/2017 11:32

Commented on 07/12/2017 11:32

Big Rich, thank you for sharing this amusing story and can't wait for the next installment!

We've all been there and shared your trials and tribulations and it's great that you've not been put off and are looking forward to your next outing.

I have this image in my brain with you bent over the toilet and pink rinse dripping off the end of your nose! ROFL......laughinglaughinglaughing

Hope we get pitched next to each other sometime. Enjoy your travels.


Kitchy1 commented on 13/12/2017 16:21

Commented on 13/12/2017 16:21

First time we towed many years ago we picked our caravan up from the dealership and couldnt work out why there was a smell of burning rubber. we did about 20 miles to the storage place and realised that we hadnt put the jockey wheel up. One lump of hot rubber.