Our first caravan

This story happened on: 17/06/2015

We have been boaters for the past 20+ years and decided at the end of last season to sell the boat and buy something a little easier to climb aboard (we're not getting any younger!) So the boat is in the brokerage awaiting a new owner, meanwhile we are not able to use her.  So the question was posed: "what are we going to do in the summer" we are used to being away every weekend and so the suggestion was made (we each blame the other!) that we would buy a caravan or campervan. After weighing up the pros and cons, we then set about finding our ideal caravan.  Generally there is just the two of us and we agreed early on that we would like a fixed bedroom area.  Some of the caravans we looked at were so luxurious, and we quickly narrowed down our choice to an Eldiss.  The caravan was chosen and deposit paid.  We agreed that a towing course would be a good idea and this was booked.  We both passed with flying colours, now for the real thing.  We picked up the van Friday lunchtime and set off to our first destination, just a short drive away.    All went very well, our only hiccup was having to wait for what seemed an eternity to pull out onto a very busy roundabout but patience was eventually rewarded.  Because we are limited to weekends we are tending to book sites that are not more than a couple of hours drive from our home in Hertfordshire.  So far we have been to Ashwell, Grafham Water, Finchampstead, Norfolk Broads and Grantham.  The staff at the sites have all been very friendly and helpful, as have the other site users.   The facilities have all been excellent, and I have to say I am not missing working the locks in the pouring rain!  At the end of the season we are going to decide whether we continue caravanning ... or buy another boat.  I can see that it is going to be a difficult decision to make.  In the meantime we have visits to Cambridge, Hertford, Denham, Peterborough and Sandringham to look forward to and in August we are going to the F1 in Belgium - our first foray abroad.