Thetford grill wont stay on CRACKED IT

This story happened on: 04/09/2020


I had the problem with grill difficult to keep lit ,service "adjusted "thermocouple seemed ok for while ,replaced Thermocouple seemed ok for while. Replaced tap (not easy as pipe connection solid had to remove from burner to undo ) thought I had it it: then it packed up would not light at all , The hob burners work fine same tap same thermocouple ? so I investigated by clipping a crock clip lead to thermocouple brass and clip to metalwork .Instant working !!!! Poor electrical connection on bracket (steel to brass lots heat etc ) Another poor design on a caravan ?

Hope others find this usefull fix

It works by providing an electric current through a coil in the tap pulling a valve open ,the circuit is a single wire clipped onto the tap ,return path through body of tap metalwork to body of thermocouple .Bad connection here or loose fitting result fails