Impulse Buy

This story happened on: 25/03/2012

A few years ago we decided we needed to buy a new fridge for our home. After a very heated debate my husband stomped off. We were driving home in silence and came across a caravan showroom. I can't remember what made him turn into the carpark for the showroom but to cut a long story short we came away with a geriatric Elddis Pamperos! Luckily my husband can drive almost any kind of vehicle so the towing wasn't a problem but apart from that we had no idea at all how to set the caravan up, what equipment we would need (and more importantly what we wouldn't need) or even how to find and book a site. We managed to find a vacancy on a site a couple of hours away even though it was a Bank Holiday and off we went......our new adventure had begun. Many months later we remembered the fridge and bought one, carefully avoiding any more impulse buys.