How to get a friend interested in Caravaning

This story happened on: 03/09/2015

Every bank holiday or any chance we can as most do we plan to get away in the van, mostly local as we go with other groups who tent, so ts a non CC site.

We have a family friend who brought his boys  beause is OH will never set foot in a tent.!!!!!,  He has been camping many time does hill walking etc as hobbies ,but never seen my caravan due to out work we never got away together.

With this in mind knowing what kind of person he is and what he likes we spent the weekend talking about vans vs camping and him asking every question known to man about the caravan, cars, equiment, CC sites and were they as bad as he heard!!!!! we seem to be getting a name for not welcoming....walking round the site looking at other vans, awnings and his words you can clearlay see what works and doesent when you observe other set ups.

So after a few days he relized as much as he likes camping he is swaying to the caravan life as less equipment to put up and carry, no need for trailer roof box etc and his wife may even come along to make it a full family affair as its not techinaly a tent..

So to round it off, we all had a great time at woodland waters,even the rain on monday so i think ive convereted a camper and may have sold my van to him allowing me to look at new ones.

Happy caravaning....

Cant wait for the next show.....