First Trip of the Year

This story happened on: 03/04/2022

It seems so long since we were last away in the motorhome, it was last October so a bit over five months. Not quite sure why it has taken us so long to get out and about but I suspect the prospect of very cold and dark nights is getting less persuasive at our age!!! Also the pandemic still hangs over us but we are determined to get away more this year.

The motorhome was serviced in March so we booked Ferry Meadows for four nights at the beginning of April. The site is less than 50 miles from home and it is strange to reflect that 40 years ago, almost to the day, was the first ever caravan trip we made and it was to the same site. 1982 was memorable because of the Falklands War. Sad to reflect that war is still with us but now in Ukraine. Driving through Olney on the way here the entire High Street was decked in Ukrainian flags. In happier times that High Street hosts the famous Pancake Race!

When we arrived at our pitch (I am sure we have stayed on the same pitch before?) I had to refocus my eyes as it had two white pegs! The only thing I had had to drink was a strong coffee!!! It seems that some sites have introduced double pegs to make sure people pitch the right way. Was it that difficult before? 

This was the first opportunity for us to test our new water pump. In their wisdom Bailey use submersible pumps in there motorhomes. The problem with this system is that unless you travel with a full tank of water (not usually advisable depending on payload) the system loses pressure so when you arrive on site you have to bleed the system. Its not a problem whilst on site but its the travelling that causes the problem. To overcome this I got my dealer to fit an external pump at our last service. Not a cheap upgrade but the evidence thus far is that it will be money well spent and you get a decent shower as well!

We did venture into Nene Park, but not far as it was very windy. The Gift Shop gave us a place of shelter although wallets stayed in pockets! Another day we walked down to Notcutts Garden Centre where they do a very nice fruit scone. The plants were not bad either. I did manage to find a squirrel resistant seed holder. Since its been up my little friend has been back but so far he has been defeated. On the reverse of that many of the Gold Finches that came to feed seem to have disappeared, it just means I don't have to fill up with sunflower seeds so often.

Our four days were soon up and we headed home. We had gusting winds of 40 mph which made driving very uncomfortable. This time we decided to head down the A1 to the Black Cat roundabout and then head towards the M1 at junction 13 as I wanted to fill up with fuel. The only problem was when we got to Tesco no diesel. We have not tried since so will leave it for a week in readiness for our next, longer, trip away.

Google map showing location of Peterborough, UK

brue commented on 16/04/2022 11:38

Commented on 16/04/2022 11:38

I wonder if two pegs will solve any problems, if people don't listen to instructions in the first place? wink

Woman sitting in camping chair by Wastwater in the Lake District with her two dogs and picnic blanket

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