North Norfolk

This story happened on: 27/10/2019

Having decided to have a week away at the end of October, early November, we thought we had managed to avoid half term. It seems that some  school authorities had other ideas with half term being different weeks depending on what area you live in. Fortunately it seems the Club didn’t know either as the fees at Seacroft did not seem to be inflated due to the school holiday. I suspect for next year they will be wise to this! We had booked a serviced pitch at Seacroft to guarantee a hardstanding. This we thought important as the number of grass standard pitches outnumber the number of standard hardstanding pitches. Ironically when we arrive at the site we were told that the grass pitches are always closed on the 1st October, I wished we had known in advance.

Seacroft was to be the place we tried an experiment. Whilst some might find this strange, in the six years of owning a motorhome we have never taken it off site on a visit. This trip was going to be a first. Felbrigg Hall is nearby and we thought this would be good first option. I had, prior to arrival, phoned the Hall to make sure a motorhome would be welcome and there was room to park. A very helpful reply said there would be no problem and suggested where we should park which turned out to be spot on. Our electric kettle decided to stop working on the day of our visit so we detoured via West Runton where there is an excellent camping accessory shop, we even managed to park outside! The visit to Felbrigg was a great success and are confident that we will do more in the future. The Hall is a National Trust property so members of that organisation have certain advantages. We found all the volunteers really friendly and helpful.

The following day we walked into Cromer through the Cliff car park ( which incidentally accepts motorhomes, but not overnight) and down and around to the Pier. We were able to visit the RNLI Lifeboat Station at the end of the pier where you can walk partly round the Tamar Class Lifeboat. Whilst sunny it was not a particularly warm day but there were people enjoying the lovely sandy beach, albeit well wrapped up, as we walked towards the Henry Blogg Museum. The destination was the Café above the Museum which is very popular and we were lucky to get a table. Fortified we marched across town to the Morrisons for some shopping before catching the bus back to the site.

Our next trip out was to Sheringham, this time on the bus from directly outside the entrance to the site. We have always liked Sheringham which rightly or wrongly we feel has a slightly more genteel air about it compared to Cromer. It has a long High Street from the railways down to the sea. There is a lovely hardware shop, almost Two Ronnies esque. It could be mistaken as complete chaos but there is a logical system and if you can’t find what you want it’s probably not made, that sort of place!!! Another coffee stop in the Arcade before walking down to the Seafront. There seems to be a new museum but it was closed.


Our four days at Cromer were soon up and time to move on our next stop at the Sandringham CMC site. Only 45 miles so no need to rush. Still sunny today but rain is forecast. The wardens had made a great effort for Halloween with a colouring competition for the children. Unfortunately the next two days were pretty wet so we didn’t stray that far from the motorhome and it was back home on the Sunday.

Google map showing location of North Norfolk, UK

brue commented on 18/11/2019 15:42

Commented on 18/11/2019 15:42

Well we'll be following suit soon. Thanks David!

We live the high life, don't you know, we've even booked the Christmas Show on Cromer Pier.

However I read a review where someone complained that the theatre was cold and draughty. The management replied, that, yes, that might be because they were sitting over the North Sea but the heating was on! After reading that I was wondering if you could see the waves through the floor boards?!wink laughing

JVB66 commented on 18/11/2019 15:59

Commented on 18/11/2019 15:42 by brue

Commented on 18/11/2019 15:59

We went to a Christmas Show at the end of the pier theatre (really good have been to numerous) when one of the big storms was coming in ,and as we walked towards the pier the waves were breaking over the sea defences,we asked at the box office if the show was still on   their answer was "we have had it worse than this" the sea was that high it was coming through the pier boarding,  when in the theatre the wind was howling as we could hear ,and it shuddered as the waves hit but as the compare  said   "as is said at this time of year if there is a problem where is the rescue service  Its Behind You!!! "As that is where the lifeboat issurprised

Ps we have never been cold in the theatre and  we have been in all seasonswink

brue commented on 18/11/2019 16:13

Commented on 18/11/2019 16:13

Ooh, I am so looking forward to this now JVB!! laughing (I'd better not tell OH, he blames me for my ideas of a good night out!) 

Let's hope it's a low tide. wink

JVB66 commented on 18/11/2019 16:24

Commented on 18/11/2019 16:13 by brue

Commented on 18/11/2019 16:24

Are you walking from Seacroft site?  if you are thinking of driving follow road into the town past petrol station keep left and take first left turn there is normally space to park ,after 6pm free ,walk forward it will take you past  the chippy on the left , always busy (cooked in beef dripping)the access to the pier is at the end of the road, when going back to site drive same way as you walk then a junction past chippy turn left is narrow but will bring you out on to the road back to the sitewink

brue commented on 18/11/2019 19:07

Commented on 18/11/2019 19:07

We'll be walking, I've now studied David's photo of the pier and remember looking at the lifeboat on our last visit. smile

SteveL commented on 20/11/2019 08:11

Commented on 20/11/2019 08:11

We visited that section of the North Norfolk coast, for the first time, last June. We stopped at Incleboro Fields, as Seacroft was full. Although on grass it was fine in June and we enjoyed the site. However, it did take a while to level the van, so we decided not to take it off site to go to Felbrigg. When we next visit the area we will have to plan ahead a bit and get a service pitch at Seacroft.

DavidKlyne commented on 23/11/2019 09:42

Commented on 20/11/2019 08:11 by SteveL

Commented on 23/11/2019 09:42

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. I think Seacroft has a lot going for it in terms of location and ease of access to public transport. I know its not for everyone but we like having the restaurant onsite. As Steve mentions some of us are really forced to book a serviced pitch if we want to guarantee a hardstanding but I suppose for a once in a while treat its probably worth the extra. For stays later in the year they do tend to close the grass pitches from around the 1st of October so you should be able to get a standard hardstanding.

Just a tip for anyone coming from the south via Norwich, don't be tempted to use the inner ring road, even at weekends. We did and it delayed us quite a lot because of slow moving traffic. The new Northern Distributor Road, whilst longer in distance will be a lot quicker as it avoids the hold ups!