Off to the Seaside

This story happened on: 11/10/2020

Only our second trip away this year, the last one being in mid-August. We decided that Seacroft at Cromer was the sort of place that would give us the opportunity to get out and about by foot without coming into contact with too many people. It was only a four night trip but for that length of time we can be self-sufficient in terms of food so no need to go shopping. 

Weather can be variable at this time of year and being on the coast it is likely to be windy. All of which proved to be the case!!! We arrived on a Sunday having travelled via Norwich. The last time we came to Cromer we used the Norwich inner ring road and it took ages to transverse the City. This time we used the new Eastern Bypass. It was better than being stuck in traffic but it seemed a long way round. 

On our first day we walked into Cromer but only as far as the clifftop car park. It was surprisingly busy and there were even a few motorhomes parked up. Could be a good place to pass the time if you arrived a bit too early for your booking at either Seacroft or Incleboro Fields? 

On the Tuesday we went in the other direction but only as far as East Runton where you can take the little lane down to the beach. We went part way down the lane and made use of the seats on the cliff top with a commanding view of the beach towards Cromer. It could make a nice round trip walk from the site to Cromer (tide and fitness permitting). It was warmer with a little more brightness so it was pleasant sitting watching the world go by. 

On our final day we walked back into Cromer and the town itself. We were obviously feeling a bit more confident to push the distance walked! What didn’t help was the stiff easterly breeze which reminded us we were well into autumn! I think Cromer has grown on us over the years. We walked through the town past the intriguingly name Hotel de Paris which dominates the cliff top above the pier. Apparently it dates back to around the 1830’s. Makes you wonder, with everything that has gone on this year whether places like Cromer will benefit in the longer run from increased Staycation business? 

During our stay the site has been pretty full with a more or less 50/50 split between caravans and motorhomes. The restaurant has been closed but open for takeaway orders on certain days. 

Thursday and time to go home, this time via Fakenham and Swaffham before re-joining the A11  at Mildenhall. A slower route but more relaxing. Weather was not kind to us and it, for the most part, a filthy day as was the motorhome by the time we got home. Before going away we were very uncertain whether we should, but glad we did as it was a change of scenery for a few day.

Google map showing location of Cromer, UK

brue commented on 23/10/2020 19:53

Commented on 23/10/2020 19:53

Seacroft is a good spot for just mooching around locally, sorry you didn't get the best of the weather especially on the cliff tops! I like the opening photo, the wardens have a sense of humour, much needed this year. Glad you managed to get away again, I wish we were nearer to the Norfolk coast. smile