Wheeling in to the unknown ....

This story happened on: 29/01/2019

Having 2 dogs and not wishing to abandon them to kennels - we bought the 'kennel' on wheels - our first caravan - our experience started for us all in the garden - over a few nights here and there - the dogs took to it straight away - a fight for bed supremacy was sorted immediately surprised - Black Horse Folkestone was our first outing - a short trip to tow and 'find our feet' - an amazing 3 days of sleet wind snow and ice - fellow 'campers' were encouraging - we came we saw and we returned home safely - Eager to try a longer adventure - we booked Moreton in Marsh where we met with our friends who have been caravanning for over 40 years - managing to arrive in the dry and set up - job done - Hurricane Gareth visited - the one thing we do know is that the caravan is leakproof and pretty stable - let the heavens do their worst - steady flow of other caravans and motorhomes comings and goings - meeting people who are more than happy to give advice and information - and not 'phased' by the weather - we feel our third venture may prove a little more weather friendly ? ..... but who cares ....... experience /adventure / sheer madness rolled in to one ........wink


moulesy commented on 02/04/2019 13:50

Commented on 02/04/2019 13:50

Glad you're enjoying the new adventure. We've always had dogs with us, sadly only one at the moment, and it's an ideal way to let them be part of the holiday. Not sure what part of the country you live in,  but if you liked Moreton in Marsh and the Cotswolds, I'd recommend a trip to Cirencester Park, perfect for dogs with a huge enclosed area and an easy walk through to the park itself where dogs are allowed off lead. 

(In fact we're there right now and if it ever stops raining tyat's exactly where we'll  be heading! smile)

JohnnDee commented on 02/05/2019 13:54

Commented on 02/05/2019 13:54

We like this story as we bought a kennel on wheels in 2017. We have had several trips away including one to Normandy in September 2018. The two woofies love it and every time we go out they are hoping we hitch up the caravan. Next trip in ten days to Sandringham.


Margyp commented on 03/05/2019 07:43

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This sounds very very much like our own experience for the last year., except we have been so very lucky with the weather.  However, our adventure has come to an abrupt halt, our caravan was stolen last weekend from our storage site, in the middle of the night and towed away through 3 fields!

Take care enjoy yours..and be very security minded. 

Ours has wheel locks and hitchlock but all burned off.!

wendy wilkinson commented on 21/05/2019 21:11

Commented on 21/05/2019 21:11

Hi, like everyone with dogs they always seem to come first, no matter if you are at home or on the roads travelling.  We were new to caravaning last year and we were not sure if our dogs would like the caravan or not, but they LOVED IT so much so that now when we start packing the caravan for our next outing they all know, and if you mention the caravan they go nuts.  Our smallest dog Daisy when she gets in the caravan when its on the drive at home she does not want to get out mmmm mind of her own that one.

We try to find sites close to a beach of river as two of our dogs love the water, one loves to just snooze in the awning & one loves sitting in the caravan people/dog watching. Yes four dogs in total and we love taking them with us as they are a huge part of our family.