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This story happened on: 13/07/2019

We just had a very nice stay at Gwern-Y-Bwlch  club site Powys Wales , Upon arrival we pitched up ,and Pete and Janet were surprised we wanted to stay for two weeks , does no one stay that long there i wondered ? anyway we had what we thought was a pretty good view right up top on 26 , daily we had the thrill of a Hercules fly through the vally , there are no facilities like showers or loos , but that does not bother us , it is a quiet site , well maintained , a good dog walk if you are a dog person , we walked 8 miles or so from the site up the hill on the road beside the site (quiet ish lane ) to the nearest public footpath walked a while on that to another lane for a while ,looked in on a wild camp then came back to site , over the two weeks we went to Borth and walked the beach looking at the ancient forrest (tide was out ) so it was in all its glory , had fish and chips as you do , we also visited the Dyfi Osprey Project and watched monty and his wife and kids on the nest , Monty court a good large mullet to feed himself and the family , we had a great visit down the Ffestiniog slate caverns 500 feet under ground quite interesting , a visit to the Kite feeding on the A44 ,awesome it really is , and of course Snowden , no we did not go up it the price for the diesel train was £30 per person and £39. per person for steam surprised we decided due to time we would not walk up either , never mind all in all it was a fab holiday made even better by Pete and Janet at the site .

brue commented on 15/07/2019 18:03

Commented on 15/07/2019 18:03

Lovely photo Gollie, sounds like you enjoyed the area. I've always wondered what was up the back road from the site! smile

golly79 commented on 17/07/2019 18:38

Commented on 17/07/2019 18:38

the kite feeding was definitely fabulous , the osprey project was pretty good but the birds only visible on tv monitor and through telescopes ,camera or binoculars , we managed to see an egret fly past too , worth a visit but osprey chicks are about to fledge so hurry .