Trip out with nanny

This story happened on: 25/07/2018

Holidays here, grandson ready , van packed with play  clothes and toys as well as living stuff , sister and us all booked in to woods farm  , jarrassic beach here we come , yes hammers in van too lol , off we go all excited our first weeks holiday in van and somewhere I’ve always wanted to go , trip wasn’t too bad from Suffolk and arrived at good time , found woods farm so easy as gave directions ,as quite late we set up camp and lucky had fish and chips off van there that night , wasn’t best but was eatable lol , shop brilliant at reception had all food items you might need ? Like sauces lol phew , site so steep but views amazing . 

Next day sister arrived with their three grandsons in their big van , boys help set up site and we took dogs to dog park , we thought out with swing gates and fenced to keep pets in , kids loved it running free with dogs, usual first day kids and sisters husband went off to explore , we lady’s sat chatted caught up and disgusted where we would go first , yes beach first lol , 

hetitage house was amazing place to teach kids what to look for on beach and give advice on dinosaurs relics , all ready we headed for beach , big boulders to walk on not good so got to piece of draft wood and sat on it lol , left kids running looking for stones to brake up , 

spent few days on beach fossil hunting but summer so nothing found sad to say , but took some back to camp to open , kids found lumps of stone on site lol think concrete but had fun braking open for fossils on a rug , so easy to clear up last day , 

no fossils but great place to hunt for them , nice flat beach one side , kids loved digging in the mud , nice black mud lol , made mud statues lol , 

third day took boy for a tour up road few hours looking at sights from high up in van , stopping in lay-bys to check out sea views from up high , while drinking coffee , amazing , but headed down to a cove we found , brought ice cream at cafe and headed for beach , where to our amazement found teeth and a fossil just laying on beach , headed back to heritage house and brought some amazing fossils to bring home for him and me , yes he picked what he wanted lol , not too bad £45 two nice size fossils and loads of £1 or 50 p items like bones and teeth or fools gold lol .

pity camp site too steep no seating on site so didn’t go to cafe pool only once as would have had to unhitch van take down hills , pool we went once lol as got in found it so much fun , taught grandson who to my amazement couldn’t swim ? So taught him how to kick and move his arms to get moving lol . But sad to say couldn’t get out pool on my own steps to steep so last time in pool , not disabled friendly at all , although staff see me struggling no offer of help to get out , one very disappointed grandson , but he was taken to play area but with other family members , but leaving me bored alone , 

time for home said our good byes to family and headed up coast to go long way home as no rush , was a lovely holiday and camp site clean tidy , but impossible for disabled sad to say . 

But first holiday since husband passed on and was nice to get away , now planning a tour in van over three weeks wish me luck 

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Well done you, so sorry to hear of your loss but glad you managed to get away and have fun with the family. Charmouth is a great beach for family fossil hunts, sorry you didn't find a dinosaur! Thanks for your story. smile