Caravanning in Finland

This story happened on: 14/06/2017

As a caravan club member I thought you might be interested in our trip to Finland this summer. I booked the ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland via the clubs European booking system and we drove then to Amsterdam. I am sure many will have visited Amsterdam so won't dwell on the naughty ladies, great sights and bicycles everywhere. Our journey then took us through Germany stopping in Bremen before arriving at the port of Travemunde. The ferry is expensive from there to Helsinki but it has to include 2 days and cabin accommodation. We opted for the meal deal and had breakfasts and an evening meal with wine all at a high standard. We arrived early on the morning of arrival and were a bit worried about a drive through Helsinki with the van. Fortunately the port of arrival is to the east of Helsinki and we were able to motor North easily. So far we have visited 3 sites all of which can accommodate caravans and motor homes. The facilities are good and you are rewarded with beautiful scenery of trees and lakes. The sites are marked and many can be found in the European caravan club book. The roads are generally quiet and wide with good road signs coloured blue. We have reached Savonlinna and are heading for the Artic Circle then down through Norway, Sweden, Denmark and back to the UK through Holland. Give it a try. We are towing a Lunar Clubman SR with a Range Rover Sports tow vehicle.

Google map showing location of Finland

brue commented on 14/06/2017 18:53

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Thanks for the interesting story, any chance of a few photos as you travel further? Sounds like a real adventure!smile

Bakers2 commented on 14/06/2017 20:44

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Wow. Somewhere new to us and something I'd love to do. Do update us as you go. I agree some photos would be great but depending on your equipment it ain't that simple on this site 😉. Have a fabulous time.

DavidKlyne commented on 15/06/2017 11:48

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With respect I think such an epic journey requires a lot more detail. You mention you stayed at several places but no detail where, what were the names of the campsites? I agree with others that the lack of photos  is an opportunity missed if you are trying to encourage others to follow. Any chance of a part 2 with more detail and photos. If you are uncertain of what to include have a look through some of the previous Overseas stories to get an idea of what other writers include.