Pier Bagging

This story happened on: 26/03/2022

In the latest magazine, GARY MARTIN (editor) asked "What hobbies do we do in our motorhome"

My wife, Lin, and I go Pier Bagging..

It's a great hobby, we get to visit seaside towns that we would never have thought to spend time in, if hadn't got or ever had a pier!

We firstly buy the oldest postcard of the pier from ebay. They are usually around 1905-10....then we try to stand in the same place and take a photo today.....gathering social history has we go!

For a pier to be 'properly' bagged...we have to stand at its end and take a photo of ourselves!

BUT we also visit towns where piers have been but no longer exist....

This about sums us up....

Today we going to look for 2 piers that we know aren't there!
And when we find them, even though they aren't there, we will take pictures of them not being there, So we can add them to our photo collection of piers that aren't there!!!!

I love this daft hobby!


It's not as easy as it sounds....

It's no good taking a photo of a pier that isn't there if it was never there in the first place.
To claim you've seen a pier that's not there....you have to take a photo knowing that although it's not there, it was there不不不不



brue commented on 03/04/2022 14:28

Commented on 03/04/2022 14:28

That's a great bit of fun to share, sorry your story is so late appearing, first posts seem to take far too long on this web site. I expect there are quite a few others with interesting ideas to share about their travelling interests. I like like looking at old stones...one man's pile of rubble can be someone's 1000 year old homestead. wink

Takethedogalong commented on 03/04/2022 14:58

Commented on 03/04/2022 14:58

Coo That’s one we hadn’t thought of doing, piers! We do iconic bridges, and Cathedrals/Churches/Abbeys.

Great idea, we are now adding it to our list. Can recommend Saltburn

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