That caravan blog: Norway meets England - Caroline

This story happened on: 21/09/2015

I moved to London from my home town Oslo 3 years ago. It was a big move, moving from little Oslo where you could go hiking in the forest only 15 min away, to a city with 11 different tubes (!!!) was quite the change. I started modeling, and through this I met Joss. Heathrow 5am, not the ideal place and time to meet, but somehow we ended up a few days later eating pancakes with banana and chocolate. 
My first caravan experience was in Norway 15 years ago. We were 4 people and 1 caravan, and I felt like I was in the centre of the world. Kids everywhere, sun, sea and BBQ's. 
Little did I know how lucky I would be, to get my own caravan with my boyfriend, being able to travel around enjoying everything England has to offer. 
Until next time!