Who's turn is it? - Caroline

This story happened on: 06/10/2015

When you're on the road, certain chores are unescapable , and who's turn it is to fill the water tank always seems to be the other person's. 

Obviously we both pull our weight when it comes to chores, even if I pull a bit more than my weight compared to my better half. (HA! -Joss) 
Joss is telling me I have to write about how he always levels the caravan when we get to a new campsite, even if this has only happened on one occasion. I'm used to water in the shower not going down the drain and frying pans slipping off the hob. 
Emptying the toilet is the least desired chore for either of us, and it seems to fall on me a lot. Now Joss is saying I can't write that, as it is "not quite correct". A few weeks ago we did have an argument about this exact thing, and I told him we could make a chore list to see who was doing more. He didn't want to, so we compromised and didn't make the list. So I keep emptying the toilet, and he still believes he is doing it on most occasions.
A little note to Joss: Next time remember the dessert!! 
I love you though - your Caroline