The National Rally 2016

This story happened on: 01/06/2016

This is the story of the six days spent on the National Rally.

I think this year's National Rally has been different to last years in that the weather has been much better. Most days have had some warm weather and sunshine if not a little too warm at times. During our entire stay here, it only ever rained once and that was early in the morning just for a short while. It soon stopped and the clouds cleared to a day of glorious sunshine. Throughout the six days we were here, not once was the yellow flag flying that restricted the movement of vehicles on and off the grassed areas.

It was amazing how many caravans kept arriving on the Friday, the day before the official opening date. There was a steady stream of caravans queueing at the Blue Gate from morning to evening. It was non-stop work for the Marshalls who had to welcome and direct each outfit.

We are now on the final day of the rally. Many caravans left by yesterday afternoon, leaving the field half empty this morning. This has changed the view. You can now see the hills in the background through the empty spaces. By 4 p.m. this afternoon, it will all be over. Somebody told us that there have been 1600 caravans in attendance this year.

There has been so much to see and do here without having to leave the rally to go out anywhere. Weston Park seems enormous with loads of space for all the trade stands, fast food outlets, car dealers and caravan dealers. There was also a falconry display which was interesting to see. We also watched some of the sporting events at the arena.

We enjoyed attending the opening South East regional centre welcoming committee where we were able to chat to others and enjoy the lovely food and wine that was provided of which there was a choice of red, white or rose wines.

We plan to leave later this morning to travel south for an ivernight stop at Horsham before returning to Worthing.