This story happened on: 30/04/2019

Well, last year we purchased our lovely little home on wheels.  Me, a first time novice, my OH more experienced but in a previous life quite a few years ago.  We have 2 gorgeous Lhassa Apsos so we decided to holiday UK with them for a while.

All went very very well last year, fabulous weather, my OH continually saying "it's not always like this's a bit miserable when it rains"! , but we  were so so lucky. Off to Ayr and down to Devon all lovely.

Then, after one trip to Porlock and a long weekend in Betsw y coed this all ended last weekend.  

A call from our storage told us our caravan beauty had been stolen overnight!  Security clamps and hitchlock just cut off and security gates and bolted gates no object.  Caravan towed off over three fields,  and no one heard or saw a thing.

We had booked sites in Lake district and Ayr and off in 10 days! 

We are so so distraught !  Insured of course but so angry.

Look after your home on wheels....and I think a wheel moving senser type of caravan alarm could be a Dragons den opportunity!




Google map showing location of Flyford Flavell, Worcester, UK

Bakers2 commented on 03/05/2019 08:18

Commented on 03/05/2019 08:18

Oh I feel your anger and pain 😤😤😢😢.

Sadly whatever you're security those determined to help themselves to what they fancy doesnt deter them 😤😤😤. Whatever the item is!

Out of interest what type of storage did you use? CASoS (not sure letters are in the right order 😉) gold is the highest. Was there CCTV, reinforced fencing, controlled access and gates? 

I hope the insurance company pay up swiftly and you can secure another caravan to continue your adventures.

brue commented on 03/05/2019 08:33

Commented on 03/05/2019 08:33

Very sorry to read your story it's something we read about too often and you'd think the industry as a whole would make major steps to improve security. 

Margyp commented on 03/05/2019 19:35

Commented on 03/05/2019 19:35

It appears no one is interested. .least of all the police.  We are seriously considering whether to purchase again..the security is non existent. .any fool can take a caravan...and no one would stop them or find it...

Very very disillusioned!  😕

Oneputt commented on 04/05/2019 15:55

Commented on 03/05/2019 19:35 by Margyp

Commented on 04/05/2019 15:55

Some are found and returned to their owners.  Personally if my van were stolen I wouldn’t want it back.  

Margyp commented on 05/05/2019 01:01

Commented on 05/05/2019 01:01 are right..if found we don't want it back...but still very angry that people have it and are enjoying it for free!

Chrystal commented on 05/05/2019 18:56

Commented on 05/05/2019 18:56

So so sorry to hear your pride and joy has been stolen.

So annoying this is happening far to often, causing so much stress.



Daz Law commented on 05/06/2019 09:53

Commented on 05/06/2019 09:53

Really sorry about the theft, it has got me worried now.

What lock did you have on the wheel, I have an AL-KO wheel lock, and cannot see how this would be cut off easily.

The hitch lock does not seem as secure, but it more a deterrent