2020 The start of Touring.

This story happened on: 23/01/2021

Jan 2020, the search for a caravan begins. Many dealers, vans and disappointments.

A budget chosen and a wonderful used van found. Unfortunately, after much research this was then sold. The search continued and what was at the time the perfect van was found. a great deal and spot on the money. Another stumbling block was found that the car i had was just not up to towing either. So, ended up ordering a new car. So i was awaiting delivery of the car and the dealer was prepping the caravan.

Delays with the car also brought a slight delay with the caravan.

It's now March. Car arrives on the Thursday and caravan pick up is Saturday.

Saturday morning the logbook arrives for the car, all is going well.

Arrived to collect the caravan from YC. The handover was fantastic. Even with all the research it was a great day and much learnt. Picked up and took straight into storage.

Search for a seasonal site began, plot found & deposit paid.

Another set back. Even after all the checks and research I found that the caravan and car was over my licence limit. Quickly booked the B+E test.
Sunday 5th for training and then Tuesday 7th April 2020 for training and test

Then comes covid19. Wow what a shambles.

B+E postponed & then postponed a further 2 times. Unable to use the caravan. Sit bookings cancelled or rearranged. Deposits held however so not all lost

Finally the B+E test was rebooked. 3rd August. Lots of pressure as we had a booking at clumber park on the 5th August,

4th August. Test day, Its just a driving test with a trailer on the back. Wow talk about nerves.

Reverse into the garage was perfect ! but the unhitch and rehitch was clumsy but got through it. Test completed and passed, wow what a shock, It’s amazing how many bad habits you pick up from the years on the road.

5th First caravan day on the road. All the prep done and making way to site, this was Clumber park. Arrived, checked in and after driving round 3 times a pitch found. Wow we just couldn’t grasp the reversing. My partner at the time was getting angry and losing temper and I was getting stressed. Decided to move off and find another plot. After 2 attempts we just had a hand from a fellow caravaner form Sheffield. We should have just used the motor mover.

Weather stunning, decided to not put up the awning but we do wish we did as the holiday was extended to Sunday. We loved it. The Sunday it was a long 6 hour drive up to Scotland and Strathcylde park. 6 hours, full tank of Diesel and some tantrums from the other half again we arrived safe and ready for another week in the van. Motor mover used to site the van, game changer really.

Awing erected but we didn’t have the correct pegs. Thanks to the advice from one of our neighbours I made the trek to Aldi, now further advice and its erected !. cup of tea and relaxed.

Two weeks in and it’s the best decision I have made. Its taken me 10 years to get to this point. As an ex static caravaner its good to tour.

The journeys continued. A second trip to Strathclyde, Sutton on sea twice and Skegness fields.

The weather ruined two of our final trips in September. The WIND ! wow what a mess it made to many units on site, how our little Kampa porch awning didn’t get blown away or damaged I don’t know.

October arrives. Covid-19 Tier 3.

That’s it, no more travelling. cry


Service booked, Valet booked & Seasonal pitch partly paid.

Who knows if we can even get to the storage yard.!


Touring to be continued.  

Google map showing location of Yorkshire, UK

brue commented on 23/01/2021 20:03

Commented on 23/01/2021 20:03

Well done for getting that far in such difficult times, it will get better when you finally get out there again, all the best for the future!

Thanks for the story. smile

jonray57 commented on 26/01/2021 09:57

Commented on 26/01/2021 09:57


I can only echo Brue's comments laughing 

A good read and I, too, wish you more happy travels when we're allowed.


MikeyA commented on 26/01/2021 10:11

Commented on 26/01/2021 10:11

Can't believe how often you see people with a mover not using it.

NigelBell commented on 07/02/2021 17:23

Commented on 07/02/2021 17:23

When I had a caravan I always thought the mover was the best accessory ever purchased. It is quicker if you're OK reversing in but I always got somewhere near and then used the mover - no ambitions to prove I'm not an ace at reversing and happy to let technology make life a breeze. Here's to many happy years of touring for you!!