2021 - Service Time

This story happened on: 12/03/2021

1st march 2021 and it's service time for Veronica. (Pegasus Verona)

September 2020 was the last time i Hooked it up.

Anyways an hours later I'm all set up and away we go, talk about nerves !

It's only a short drive to the service place, arrived later then planned due to traffic. followed directions and pulled into the small car park. Engineer comes walking down. you need to go to the side door. I was a little angry with myself as i was going to pull on the main road to check, however the signage told me to go to this point and not the other, the other entrance specifically said not for servicing.

I had to back it up. Heart palpitations started, but he assisted in stopping the traffic.Out she came and phew no damage.

Around at the next entrance now and in she goes, again having to back it up.It's amazing how easy it looks, I've done it many a times but I always doubt myself when doing it. Van & keys dropped off.

3 days later I'm picking it up £200 later and the news every caravaner don't want to hear, but as a Bailey owner, expected. Damp! and lots of it. Talk about being saddened. my pride and joy, my 10 year investment as water ingress.

Whats more annoying is the dealer i purchased from isn't open. So off it goes back to storage, little deflated but that is life.

Feeling more positive as the weather improves, its professionally valeted in storage. Gleaming again.

I myself gave the insides a good seeing to. Pinched the Lodgers Dyson V7, an amazing bit of kit for storage.

So What's next....

The 12th, all being well. Seasonal pitch, with a leaky van and no doubt back of the queue for repairs.
I was hopeful of ordering a brand new caravan in February as a treat for all the hard work during lockdowns. But they closed just at decision time.


Google map showing location of Yorkshire, UK

brue commented on 13/03/2021 17:39

Commented on 13/03/2021 17:39

Well, leaks or no leaks, hope you enjoy your seasonal pitch and get the van in for repairs as soon as you can. smile

Extugger commented on 18/03/2021 07:08

Commented on 18/03/2021 07:08


So sorry to hear of Veronica's damp problems - but you are not alone, sadly.

I had an identical problem to yours and when it came time to change, steered clear of UK manufactured caravans, simply because it is such a lottery as to whether or not you'll get a decent one. 

I hope you get sorted out very soon


MartSparky25 commented on 19/03/2021 18:13

Commented on 18/03/2021 07:08 by Extugger

Commented on 19/03/2021 18:13

It does seam to be a very common problem, saldy its gone from water ingress in walls and ceilings to water ingress in floors. as time moves on things has to improve for the uk industry to survive.

Extugger commented on 16/04/2021 06:04

Commented on 16/04/2021 06:04


Sadly Mart, I dont think that will happen anytime soon. The industry is virtually unregulated. The NCC are a totally useless and toothless organisation, expecting their "members" to follow certain proceedures and giving them a certificate for what basically, is nothing more than good behaviour. Buying a caravan is a lottery and the buyer puts his or her trust in the dealer they purchase from. What sort of warranty is that?! Never has Caveat Emptor been more appropriate:

Caveat emptor is a Latin term that means "let the buyer beware." Similar to the phrase "sold as is," this term means that the buyer assumes the risk that a product may fail to meet expectations or have defects