Not too old to tow

This story happened on: 01/02/2012

Back in the days when caravans were small my wife and I used to share the towing. Then the caravans got bigger and we moved house. The exit onto the main road was now steep and with the caravan on, creeping out meant slipping the clutch. This put my wife off and she stopped towing.


Now let us fast forward 20 years, and yes, you’ve guessed right, we’re getting on a bit and I began to have a problem with my left eye. This meant that Gill would have tow so at an NEC show I booked her in for a 20 minute trial tow which she seemed to enjoy. Then for her 70th birthday, I arranged for her to go on one of the Club’s 2 day course to learn the basics of towing.


The course was excellent and she is now competent towing our twin axle and was able to teach me a thing or two. Fortunately my eye was repaired and she can now share the driving again but I always have to do the M25 because the bit passing Heathrow has so many lanes that it seems wrong for a caravan to be in lane 4.


If anyone is apprehensive about towing, contact the Club and book in on one of their towing courses – you need your own tow car but they supply a practice caravan. Motorhome owners are not forgotten as the Club also organises courses for them but you do need to take your own vehicle.


If you insure your caravan with the Club, there is a discount if you have been on the course.



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Commented on 08/06/2012 23:03

My husband and I are new to caravanning but we are making a good start, i think!!. up to  now we have only towed our caravan only a few miles as where we live there is a beautiful caravan site so we decided to test it all out there.  we have been back 3 times and now are happy with hooking up etc etc. However, my husband is not completely happy with his puling as he says he can feel the pull too much,  He is not sure if this is right to feel the pull as much as he does or is it  because we havent towed before getting this caravan.   His car is a 3 series 2 litre petrol bmw, should we have a diesel vehicle and would this pull better? . we have a 5 berth sprite major 5 and we love it.  this is a comparatively light caravan compared to most so we have been told.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated .