This story happened on: 07/02/2021

Sorry if this should be posted elsewhere but now that "and Motorhome" has been included in the name of the club for some years I wonder if it is time to start describing sites in a way that helps motorhome members aswell as caravanners? For example, Exeter Racecourse shows only one item under "Get Walking" which is Becky Falls. It doesn't mention it's a 14 miles drive to get there including some nice narrow roads. A great recommendation for those members with a car at their disposal but not the best recommendation to make for motorhome members.

Cornersteady commented on 07/02/2021 17:14

Commented on 07/02/2021 17:14

Well it isn't the only walking idea given, there is one from the site itself.

And while it may not be possible for all motorhomes to get there (how narrow is narrow and it does appear to have a seasonal bus service?) is that reason not to have it in the site leaflet? It is 'Devon's top beauty spot'

Are you saying that only attractions that are only equally available to both caravans and MHs should be listed? 

Any more examples that you've found?

Tinwheeler commented on 07/02/2021 17:27

Commented on 07/02/2021 17:27

I doubt anyone seriously expects to be able to drive a MH around the lanes of Dartmoor. 

I suspect, too, that most walkers have maps and are capable of working out their own itinerary and that will lead them to conclude that there are far better placed sites for that purpose. 


NigelBell commented on 08/02/2021 22:30

Commented on 08/02/2021 22:30

To cornersteady, I’m suggesting it would be helpful if listings were more consistent in indicating if they were close to the site - rather than say nearby, just say a short drive, within walking distance or similar. It’s not rocket science.

Tinwheeler - on your logic there’s no point in providing information. Just leave people to study their maps.

Tinwheeler commented on 08/02/2021 22:43

Commented on 08/02/2021 22:43

Tbh, NB, compared to the club's offerings, that idea has much in its favour.

No way would I stay at the Exeter Racecourse site if I wanted to visit places on Dartmoor.