Scotish Borders

This story happened on: 26/07/2022

We toured the Scotish boarders for 30 days in 2022 and if you want to read about our tour, I recorded details of the trip using  >PolarSteps<:




Google map showing location of Scottish Borders, UK

brue commented on 26/07/2022 17:56

Commented on 26/07/2022 17:56

 Very interesting Peedee, I like the format! I see you were disappointed with the visitor centre at Housesteads but it's actually right up by the fort itself and is very interesting with some excellent artefacts from the site. However as you noted to get to the fort requires effort (as I found out, no breath left half way not much good except for the very able bodied.) How the Romans survived up there is beyond my comprehension!!

I always say the Borders are my favourite place to visit so it's nice to see others enjoying the area too.

Thanks! smile

peedee commented on 27/07/2022 06:44

Commented on 27/07/2022 06:44

Pleased you liked it Brue, I recorded the trip as much for myself as anything else and as an aside for the family to keep track of where we were at any one time. I have several overseas trips recorded in PolarSteps but this is the first UK one I have attempted. They are always good to look back on.


DavidKlyne commented on 28/07/2022 09:32

Commented on 28/07/2022 09:32


Interesting format and good to see so many photographs. Have you abandoned your more traditional website? 

I don't know how easy it would be for the Club to incorporate something like this into the Story Section. When I was doing a previous story on here I tried to add more photographs as ChasandCath  used to do but I find it was no longer working, I couldn't drag them across from my website for some reason. 

For anyone interested in Polarsteps link is here I only briefly looked at it but I liked the idea of having a printed version of the trip if you wanted it. Not sure how much it costs?


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