Old Hobby hits the road

This story happened on: 20/05/2015

We've never had a caravan before.  The main reason, for me, was that I was nervous about towing something so big.  However after years of camping, although I still enjoy sitting in a remote field in the back of beyond I have reached the age where I'd like to do it sitting on a comfy sofa.  We bought an old second hand Hobby to try things out and after a few discussions on the forums I felt a little more reassured regarding the towing issue.  We decided to stay at one of our favourite sites (not a club site) in Talybont-on-Usk which is only about 30 miles away.  The route from our village was all main roads with no towns to negociate and once I had become used to the different feel of the van at the back we trundled happily along at a steady 50.  We had chosen an easy to get to pitch however my reversing was a disaster and we eventually unhooked and manouvered the van into place by hand (I'm going to have to find somewhere to practice).  Setting up was a synch compared to camping, as was decamping and although it was freezing cold outside in the evening the Hobby was loveley and warm, we didn't even use a heater and not having to treck across the campsite at night after a few beers for a pee was fantastic.  All in all a great success.  This weekend coming we are of to a basic club site in Llandovery so we'll see how that goes.

chasncath commented on 20/05/2015 20:59

Commented on 20/05/2015 20:59

We've often said that if we were to have a caravan in place of our motorhome, we'd buy a Hobby too! TUV tested for habitation down to minus 15C: It's the favourite 'van for lots of 'Cloggies' :-)

oldebiker commented on 20/05/2015 21:21

Commented on 20/05/2015 21:21

hi redeye and chasncath got a new hobby in feb2007 up to now no problems think that says it all goodluck and have nice time what are cloggies