First Time Awning

This story happened on: 21/05/2012

Having read all the stories of ‘divorce in a bag’, hours of amusement to watch, etc. I was a little nervous of putting up the awning. So I decided to use the space available at our storage site.

I had read in a magazine article a little tip to only half extend the legs. This gives easier access to the roof and link poles. Simple idea which I hadn’t thought of, although I’ve had frame tents before and used a similar approach.

I was also unsure where the caravan pads should fit and juggled them about a bit, still not sure of best position. Also, when I pulled the canvas through the rail, it stopped three feet short of the end?? Ah, I see, there’s another panel to thread through and zip onto the main canvas.


When I had a frame tent, the canvas was pinned down and the mud flap went outwards. On the awning, there are no peg points on the canvas, the ‘ladder straps’ would go on top of the mud flaps?? Having asked around, the mud flaps go inside under the ground sheet?? That’s weird and seems wrong to me.

We’re going away at the next Bank Holiday and we’re taking the awning, never bothered with weekends away. Hope it all goes well, I’ve yet to work out the best peg to use, maybe I’ll treat myself to screw ins.


Look at me getting all technical :-)