How we bought our Caravan

This story happened on: 09/05/2012

We bought our new (to us) van last December, 2 weeks before Christmas. We were told that this was the best time to buy as they usually go a bit cheaper.


We bought it ‘blind’ on Ebay, we had never seen it, just some pictures and a description. This is perhaps not the best way to buy but the chap had 100% feedback, we wanted to get away in the van for Christmas and we have not had, unlike some, any problems with Ebay purchases. We had a proviso that the van would be ‘as described’.


The van is a 2003 Lunar Lexun 530 EB in vgc. The van was on auction with some 16 bids up to £3700 with 3 days to go. We emailed the seller and asked if he would take £4500 cash as a buy now price, he agreed, much to our delight.


The next day, much to our dismay, the van was still on auction and was up to £4100. We contacted the seller and asked why he had not removed the van from auction. He said that he had been let down so many times on Ebay before that he would not remove the listing as this gave him the option of a ‘second chance’ offer should we not buy the van, he also said that he would up the reserve price (hidden) to £12000 so nobody would be disappointed.


We were not happy in this predicament, it seemed we had done a deal and as such it should be removed from Ebay, equally, we could see things from his point of view too. Perhaps he should not accept an offer if he’s not willing to remove the item. The price kept going up and we felt we were in limbo.


Another couple of anxious days and the auction ended. It had reached £5400. We were gutted, all our Christmas plans were out the window, we had no van, it was depressing.


I phoned the chap up, expecting to be told ‘no sorry’ etc etc, but to our amazement and delight  he said ‘a deal is a deal, come and collect the van when ever you can’. He had stuck to the deal. Here was a man who would rather lose 900 quid than be a cheat.


Its so nice to know that there are decent, straight and honest people out there.

brue commented on 09/05/2012 21:01

Commented on 09/05/2012 21:01

A younger member of our family bought an old campervan on E Bay, no problems, it was checked over first, the buyer accepted an offer and took it off the auction.....and that's how I spent last summer, sewing new curtains...

Firedragon commented on 12/05/2012 11:00

Commented on 12/05/2012 11:00

We have bought a van from ebay too with no problem, in fact it was quite obvious to us that the seller had no idea what he was selling and with our experience we got a VERY good deal. Obviously we would not recommend this way to a novice though, always take someone who knows about caravans and what to look out for and as said give yourself the "As described" getout.     Alison

Gadgets commented on 13/05/2012 08:14

Commented on 13/05/2012 08:14

Cor that is a great story, nice to know still some genuine people out there! Wonder why he didnt list the caravan on a buy it now / make best offer listing as that way you can easily haggle / negotiate.  Seller would incurred 10% selling fee at the end of his auction (unless he could somehow cancel the sale)


strattie commented on 15/05/2012 13:12

Commented on 15/05/2012 13:12

It is so nice to know there are some nice genuine honest people still left in this world We are on our 2nd caravan both purchased locally but through Ebay and both honest sellers

Richiebuoy commented on 15/05/2012 13:25

Commented on 15/05/2012 13:25

Well, betweem me and Sam we have done some 800 buys/sells on Ebay and not had any problems. I think Ebay gets some bad PR, we have all heard of some real horror stories about Ebay but  considering it is now the worlds biggest market place (so I read somewhere) then its bound to attract some doddgy people, but it the main I think its a good thing ( I do wish they would lower their fee's a bit though)