OBE to Club Chairman

This story happened on: 29/12/2018

The Caravan and Motorhome Club’s Chairman, Grenville Chamberlain, has been awarded an OBE for services to the Caravan and Motorhome Club and to charity.

Grenville Chamberlain said, “I am deeply moved and honoured to receive this award which I believe reflects the outstanding contribution our Club makes not only to society today but also to those less fortunate than ourselves. 

The benefits are clear from the results of the work of our staff at East Grinstead and across the sites network, the dedication of our many volunteers and our loyal members who all do so much to enable their fellow members to enjoy themselves to the full. 

Across the Club many people work incredibly hard to raise much needed funds to help charities, both national and local, and although this award bears my name it is clear recognition of the efforts of them all.”

Caravanning since the age of seven, Grenville joined the Club in 1981.  Throughout his 37 years of dedicated commitment to the organisation he has participated in the full breadth of Club activities, not only in the UK, but also internationally with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to champion road safety initiatives.

Grenville served on various Club Centres, Councils and Committees and was elected Club Chairman in October 2007. He tours some 12,000 miles each year with his family and spends over 40 weekends each year attending Club events and supporting members.

One of Grenville’s sporting passions is cycling and he led a Club team of 140 riders in the London to Brighton Bike Ride in 2010 that raised £42,000 for the British Heart Foundation, which was his Chairman’s nominated charity. He then raised £103,000 over a three-year period for British Heart Foundation.

A wonderful achievement and having personally received Grenville's help and support whilst working at the Club, I am delighted that his hard work and dedication has been recognised.   

DSB commented on 29/12/2018 10:50

Commented on 29/12/2018 10:50

Excellent news Rowena and thoroughly deserved.  I know Grenville works really hard for the Club and has raised much money for charity.  Congratulations Grenville.


Si Jo Tom and Ems commented on 29/12/2018 21:23

Commented on 29/12/2018 21:23

Caravan Club or the renamed Caravan and MotorHome Club(re named for no real reason whatsoever and cost a fortune - great idea - not) is a Charity, since its the only way I and many others can still get a reasonable holiday with Children in School holidays. Whilst I have utmost respect for the Wardens and Call Centre staff, what we have here is the Masons on two wheels!! There are far more worthy people on the ground, that deal with real issues, deaths on sites, injuries on site, and van fires etc than some flump who rides a bike.

Tinwheeler commented on 29/12/2018 21:34

Commented on 29/12/2018 21:34

That’s a bit harsh. I’m no fan of the man as club chairman but we have no idea about his charitable works.

Perhaps a little magnanimity might be in order.

huskydog commented on 29/12/2018 21:42

Commented on 29/12/2018 21:42

deaths on sites, injuries on site, and van fires etc than some flump who rides a bike.

cricky Si Jo this camping thing really is dangerous,I might consider giving it up !

Si Jo Tom and Ems commented on 29/12/2018 22:12

Commented on 29/12/2018 22:12


The Wardens had to deal with this(above), some had to deal with van fires and the rest you don't see.

We were on site for a cliff jumper and a sad death on site(above),explain that to your 9yr old. Twice the blues and two's were out, twice the Air Ambulance came out to the site.

Where was his nibs?

Buck up.

Those on the ground go unrecognised, while some chump on a bike gets the Credit?

Yup, it's dangerous, but you manage the risks, gas bottles etc.

Yup we are selling out, yes we are giving it up. 

We have just booked Crete for the same price as a UK stay, granted no flights, but those booked already. 

Balance storage, insurance, service, plus parts etc.

Sorry but Caravanning has priced itself out.

Fewer holidays granted per Pound, but my lord none of this tosh either.

Si Jo Tom and Ems commented on 29/12/2018 22:48

Commented on 29/12/2018 22:48

Its with the Pounds, shillings and pence in my family's pocket. Plus the the way this Club is run. OBE to who, for what? Once a great Club, now it's lost sight of it's roots. The same same chinless wonders try to operate as they once did, sending 100's over the top to run at the guns.

Maybe 2019 will bring some realiseum?


DavidKlyne commented on 30/12/2018 11:47

Commented on 29/12/2018 21:23 by Si Jo Tom and Ems

Commented on 30/12/2018 11:47

Of course we should celebrate the many people who make the Club work for members and I am sure the Chairman would totally agree with that sentiment. However this Honour has been given to someone who, amongst other things,  Chairs the CMC in a voluntary capacity and devotes thousands of hours a year to that role and has done so for many years now. This is good for the Club because it helps promote our hobby. I suppose one could ask what you have done for the Club? If the answer to that is nothing why do you feel you have a need to criticise someone you have probably never met and clearly have a pretty poor idea of his contribution to the Club. There are many avenues by which you could channel your dissatisfaction but when we are celebrating this award to my mind is not one of them.