New Zealand on a Very Tight Budget Day 33

This story happened on: 23/03/2017

We made short work of the drive to Auckland feeling grateful that they had cleared the roads as best they could of the countless landslides that had blocked them the previous fortnight. We paused to admire the bird reserves near Miranda before spending our last few hours at the impressive city seafront and parks.  Auckland had definitely taken quite a hit in the storm and with all the building work and earthquake strengthening looked a bit scruffy in places although the waterside restaurants and bars were buzzing and the shops were bustling.

There was just time to bid a very fond farewell to the BV before we took the taxi for the ten minute ride to the airport.  It had been a terrific trip with wonders every day but it was definitely time to go home!

Top Money Saving Tips for when the choice is go cheap or don't go at all!

*Rental Car Village is by far the cheapest company in New Zealand - but this is not for the faint- hearted. They are basically very old, slow and rather uncomfortable beds on wheels with a little awning tent at the back and a couple of camping stoves. That being said, the vehicle was reliable, small, easy to drive and park and inconspicuous.

*Buy your excess vehicle insurance at home before you go.

*If you really want to save money then buy a portapotti and display the "self contained" sticker you get with it and you can wild camp almost anywhere for free.

*Don't buy anything until you have seen what people have left behind at the campsites nearest the airports before they left!

*Stock up on all the equipment you haven't got at the many, many charity shops you will find in any NZ town (wine glasses, decent mugs, cooking utensils etc).

*Get a Fuelsave card which allows you to earn money off your fuel when you shop at certain supermarkets. Fuel offers are often available in the mornings at various petrol stations.

*Check the BOOKME website every week for discount on all kinds of tourist attractions.


Google map showing location of Auckland, New Zealand

brue commented on 13/05/2017 19:23

Commented on 13/05/2017 19:23

Tabby, many thanks for sharing your NZ travel experiences with us on CT stories. It has been interesting to hear and see so many different places from your long travels and your tips and ideas. The photos have been lovely, you certainly got off the beaten track as much as you saw the tourist hotspots too. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Where are you going next?!

Tabby commented on 13/05/2017 20:35

Commented on 13/05/2017 20:35

Thank you Brue, it's so nice to get some feed back. You never know if anyone is looking or if they are getting bored.

We hope to go to America later next year. We went 18 months ago and had a fantastic trip including Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. We hope to get to Yellowstone next time.

But as with this trip - it's about being able to afford it.!  :-(

Bakers2 commented on 13/05/2017 20:39

Commented on 13/05/2017 20:39

Thanks for sharing your trip. It takes a lot of time to write up and post with photos too. Glad you enjoyed it. Our daughter lives on the North Island and I didn't know about the BOOK ME website. I'll be looking it up once I've finished young this 😉.

I can add a money saving tip very similar to yours. If you're hiring an RV check out what those returning have handed in when they return their vehicle condiments washing up liquid washing powder etc. There is a Countdown very close to the depots with easy parking too so you can stock.up with basics and a couple of meals. You can now buy cooked chickens and ready made rolls in supermarkets as well as prepared salads. That's really come on over the last 10 years 😂😂

Bakers2 commented on 13/05/2017 20:42

Commented on 13/05/2017 20:42

Tabby go for it while you're up to it. There are no pockets in a shroud 😉. We have to eat home or away so it's just the getting to and from and around once there. Easy peasy 😂😂😂

You posted whilst I was typing 

Tabby commented on 13/05/2017 20:47

Commented on 13/05/2017 20:47

Thanks Bakers2. Much appreciated.  You'll know whether we got there when you read it here. ;-)