Gingerbread Caravan

This story happened on: 25/12/2020

Last year our friends who live 5 miles away along with my wife and I had to cancel all plans of caravanning due to worries about the Corona Virus. Both our caravans stayed in winter hibernation all year. My wife and I had planned to spend Christmas with our grandchildren 300 miles away but even this plan had to be scrapped. Therefore our friends 5 miles away kindly invited us to to spend a few hours with them on Christmas Day.

Given that many other events were cancelled before Christmas my wife and I hatched a plan to make a Gingerbread caravan based on our Luna Ariva. We made a gingerbread house from a kit two years ago with our grandchildren. This gave us some construction ideas. Our son then kindly made dough cutters from his 3D printer, then with help from Youtube the plan was put into action.

The attached pictures are of the result that we presented to our carvanning friends on Christmas Day. Oh what fun we had making it and the enjoyment we had of presenting this to our friends. This certainly made up for lost caravanning days in 2020

Happy and Healthy New Year to All

Google map showing location of North York Moors National Park, United Kingdom

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What a super idea and lovely gift. I think most of us made the best of last Christmas, we too were thwarted at seeing our son and expectant DIL, hoping well be able to see our first local, 72 miles as opposed to 12,000 miles, grandchild very soon after its born in the spring. I'd love to see the photos.