Waggon and Horses - Eaton

This story happened on: 15/03/2015

Last week we were on a Cheshire Centre rally at the Waggon and Horses, Eaton. It was a lovely relaxing rally, tucked behind the Waggon and Horses adjacent to the CL. Our two girls spent most of the rally on the park with some other rallier children while the grownups relaxed with a brew or something a little stronger.

On the Friday night we joined the rally officers for a quiz in the pub. I have to say some of the questions were very challenging, or was it the quiz masters ability to read the questions.. not too sure. Either way it was a lot of fun.

We had a walk out on the Saturday around the reservoir and sat out watching the beautiful sunset in the evening.

During the day I fired up my laptop to do some work on preparations for the Cheshire Centre Celebration Rally, which you can find HERE, it's going to be a funtastic event, one not to miss if you are at a loose end for the Mayday weekend.

I was also working on our New Rallier rally update to send out to new ralliers, why don’t you take a look HERE. Do you know anyone that has a caravan, is in the club but not yet tried rallying? Send them my way!