Sad Starter Motor

This story happened on: 10/06/2017

On 10th June, while on holiday in Germany, our Symbol motorhome (Peugeot Boxer) packed up. We called our recovery company, Nationwide Flexplus, and were recovered to a Peugeot dealership. As the suspected the culprit was a dead starter motor. A new Peugeot part was fitted and we were soon on our way. 

Last week, on holiday in Ireland, the same thing happened again. Rescue duly arrived and bump started us. However, this was not a solution as we could not board the ferry if we couldn't start. After an overnight on the drive of the home of the mechanic we drove to his garage the following day and yet another new starter motor was installed. We kept the defective Peugeot part as we were confident we could get our money back.

How wrong we were! The Peugeot dealership said that another dealership would have fixed it for free under guarantee. I don't think so. We did not expect a refund for labour but surely if we returned the part we should get a refund. He said 'nein'.

Surely then Peugeot would help? We contacted Peugeot UK. At first they said they couldn't help because the vehicle (2004) was out of warranty. When we pointed out that the part was new they said they couldn't help because it was bought in Germany. So then to Peugeot Germany. A helpful, English speaking assistant phoned me back but also could not help a dealerships are independent businesses. Surely, I asked, registered partnership dealerships have to meet quality controls? Apparently this does not cover the supply of defective parts. I had always assumed that buying a branded part from a dealership would give better protection than buying a Unipart from a general garage.

I conclude that: Peugeot parts are not to be relied upon; Peugeot exercise no quality control over either parts or service. I will never again trust branded parts or pay extra for a brand registered garage. I will certainly never buy Peugeot again.

Moral of this story: don't break down abroad.





Google map showing location of Germany

Bakers2 commented on 12/09/2017 17:16

Commented on 12/09/2017 17:16

Gosh that's not good. Have you spoken to the clubs legal team? May not result in a better outcome but worth a try.

Good to know FlexPlus recovery was fine. We have it now but delighted to say not put it to the test yet. But have used Brittania for years and on the occasions we've needed them they were good.