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This story happened on: 08/04/2022

In April, my wife and I had our first trip this year and stayed at Berwick Upon Tweed Seaview caravan site. What a pleasant experience. I don't know if other sites adopt the same practice, but their booking in prevents any queuing at the office which can often take up to 30mins or more. On arrival, you are met at the gate by one of the wardens who takes your membership card from you, you are then free to drive on site and find yourself a pitch. Once you have completed all the mundane tasks (awning, water, electric etc), you then go back to the office and do all the necessary paperwork. It would be nice if all sites adopted this policy. My congratulations to all the wardens at Berwick Upon Tweed

Google map showing location of Seaview Caravan Park, Spittal, Berwick-upon-Tweed, UK

davetommo commented on 08/05/2022 19:44

Commented on 08/05/2022 19:44

What happens if you don’t have your membership card with you and just the one on your phone. Does he take your mobile phone off you

EmilysDad commented on 19/05/2022 16:51

Commented on 08/05/2022 19:44 by davetommo

Commented on 19/05/2022 16:51

I'd imagine he/she takes a note of your membership number with a pen & paper and then get back to you   wink

SteveL commented on 20/05/2022 12:58

Commented on 20/05/2022 12:58

No. Just a picture of the Gower, my name and membership number. Even if it did the wardens would need a portable scanner, or to use there own phones, which probably wouldn’t be allowed due to data protection.

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