Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

Test and Trace - NHS

What’s the Club doing with my personal data as part of Covid-19?

Information about how your personal data is processed in relation to Covid-19 is at Section 3.26 of the Club’s Privacy Policy on our website.

Is the Club taking part in the NHS England Test and Trace, NHS Scotland Test and Protect or NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect programmes?

Yes, all businesses and customers in the UK hospitality and tourism sector are encouraged to assist the NHS programmes and the Club is happy to help them identify people who may have been exposed to the virus.

Will my personal data be automatically passed on to other people as part of this process?

No. Your data is only passed onto the relevant NHS service if they request it and if you have chosen not to opt-out. If an NHS service in England, Scotland or Wales contacts the Club then it means that someone on our Sites Network or in our offices has contracted Covid-19 and they are attempting to get in contact with other people who may also now be at risk

What data is provided to the NHS England Test and Trace, NHS Scotland Test and Protect and NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect programmes?

The information that can be requested by an NHS service is: names, telephone numbers, number of people in the party, date of visit, arrival time and departure time. No other information (regarding a booking or your personal information) is required nor is it passed on.


Is my personal data safe?

To learn how we protect your data, please see further information at Section 3.8 of our Privacy Policy.

What about scams?

If the Club is contacted by one of the NHS services then we will carefully verify that they are from the said service before passing on any information.

What if I don’t want my details to be part of this process?

Whilst we encourage everyone to assist with this service, it is voluntary. So, if you wish to opt-out of having your data shared with an NHS service you can do so by sending an email to one of the following addresses (depending on where you are):

For sites in England:

For sites in Scotland:

For sites in Wales:

Please include your name, your membership number (if applicable), the Club site(s) you have visited and the dates of your stay. Any data collected by the Club solely for the purpose of these services, such as opt-out emails, will only be kept for 21 days.

Why is the Club involved in this?

The Club feels strongly that containing outbreaks at an early stage and reducing the ability for the Covid-19 virus to spread is ultimately beneficial to us all.

How will I be informed about this processing of my data when on site?

Information regarding this process is displayed on posters on our sites. Also, details are provided at Section 3.26 of our privacy policy.

What happens if I move around from one Club site to another, do I have to opt out each time I arrive at a site if I don’t want my data to be shared with the NHS?

It depends. If it is 21 days since you sent the initial opt out email and you are still staying on Club sites, then you will need to send another opt out email to ensure your details are not shared with the NHS. The reason for this is because the various governments have said we are only able to retain your opt out email for a maximum of 21 days. This is irrespective of whether the sites you are staying in are in the same country or not.

Are there any FAQs provided by each Government?

Yes, please reference the following links and documents:

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