Store and Tow Service

What hours will the service operate?

Service will be in normal site hours, and must be agreed with the site managers in advance. Out of hours cannot be guaranteed. The service will not operate outside of the touring season dates for the site.

How much notice should members give?

Members will be asked to give at least 24 hours’ notice but the longer the better. Any requests to use the service with less than 24 hours’ notice to be at the discretion of site staff.

Can I ask for a specific pitch number?

You may request that your outfit is towed onto a specific pitch number, but this will not be guaranteed.

Can my outfit be pitched before my arrival?

Yes, provided sufficient notice is given to the site staff.

What on-pitch service is provided?

You will need to connect to the services and set up yourself. Site staff will re-attach any security devices if you are not present.

What if I want to move to a different pitch/change orientation etc.?

We would hope a suitable pitch would be agreed in advance so this should not be necessary. However, this would not incur an additional charge.

Why are the Club charging £25 for the service?

The fee has been set following research into the rates charged by other sites in the area, and private operators. The Club believes this represents good value.

When will my outfit be returned to the storage compound?

In most cases this should be done on the day of departure. 

What if my outfit has already been moved but I need to cancel my pitch booking and the service?

If you make a late cancellation or fail to arrive, the tow on/off fee is still due and will be followed up by site staff.

Will I receive anything to confirm my Store and Tow Service booking?

Once a booking has been made for the Store and Tow Service it will automatically be added to your existing campsite booking. If you require an email confirmation please let site staff know at the time of booking.

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