Caravan insurance benefits

It’s our policy to provide exceptional cover that’s great value for money – so our premiums start at just £45*. What’s more because we're a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus income is invested back into sites and services for you.

You won’t find any hidden admin fees, plus we only require one security device – many insurers demand two – and we have no storage restrictions.

Our premiums are very competitive reflecting the wide range of cover, benefits and discounts exclusively for members.

Compare the benefits of Standard Caravan Insurance cover and Super Caravan Insurance cover.

*Based on a van value of £2,000, £100 excess and 4-years no claims discount. Terms and conditions apply.

Insurance benefitsStandard coverSuper cover
New for old cover on your caravan & equipment Up to 5yrs Up to 15yrs
Comprehensive cover on or off the road
Cover for contents
New-for-old cover for contents (less than 15 years old)
Personal accident cover Up to £20,000 Up to £50,000
Personal Liability cover  ✗
Third Party Liability cover
Free foreign use cover for up to 182 days
Hotel and caravan hire expenses Up to £150 per day Up to £225 per day
Post-accident transportation and recovery expenses
Vehicle hire expenses
Rail fares for your family to return home
Expenses to cover your outfit and get your party home, should the main driver fall ill and be unable to drive
Use by family and friends included
Automatic listing on Theftcheck register
No policy excess as standard
Caravanners Legal Protection (optional)
Protected No Claims Discount (optional)

This is promotional information only and a specimen copy of the insurer's policy wording, including limitations and exclusions that apply, is available on request.

Information - Not a member?

Our insurance products are only available to members of The Caravan Club. If you're not a member yet, we can still supply you with a quote which you can take up once you join. 

Top questions

Can I download or print a summary of my current insurance policy?

If you have a caravan, overseas holiday, gadget or key insurance policy with us, you can download it from your profile.

Can I get insurance for my folding camper?

Yes, our Caravan insurance covers folding campers.

How much should I insure my caravan, equipment and contents for?

Select a figure to reflect the potential value of all the items should they be lost or destroyed, allowing for a worst case scenario. 

What security devices do I need to fit to my caravan?

Policy conditions require that at least one security device is fitted when the caravan is not in use and unhitched from the towing vehicle. If you do not secure the caravan, insurers can decline to pay a theft claim.

When will my caravan be covered by the insurance policy?

Your caravan is covered all the time including when it’s in storage, on your drive, on the road or on site. The policy includes cover for accidental damage or loss from theft,  vandalism, storm, and flood. Please read the relevant policy booklet on our insurance documents page for full details.

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Insure with The Caravan Club

As our members have different needs, we have negotiated the following range of discounts for you. 

  • No claims discount up to 35% (1 year 20%, 2 years 25%, 3 years 30% and 4 years or more, 35%)
  • Discounts for choosing an increased voluntary excess
  • Up to 10% discount for an approved tracking device*
  • Up to 5% discount for completing a Club caravanning course
  • Up to 5% discount for Club secure storage or CaSSOA Gold Standard site
  • Up to 15% discount for an AL-KO Secure or BPW Diamond Wheel Lock**
  • Up to 15% discount for an AL-KO ATC or BPW IDC trailer control system

* In cases where we insist on a security device being fitted as a condition of the insurance, the discount is not applicable.
** Twin-axle caravans must have two AL-KO Secure or BPW Diamond Wheel Locks fitted on the same side.