Breakdown cover options

Premium UK

Premium UK covers you (your car or motorhome, and touring caravan or trailer tent) anywhere in the country, including to your doorstep.

It also features additional benefits such as Dual Recovery, the provision of a chauffeur if the only driver is ill or injured, and car hire included at no additional cost as an alternative to recovery.

Premium UK cover for £103.50 a year

Our Premium UK cover has been rated 5 Star by independent financial research company Defaqto. This indicates that it provides one of the highest quality offerings in the market, with a comprehensive level of cover.

Roadside & Recovery

Roadside & Recovery offers recovery and breakdown cover throughout the UK. If the problem cannot be fixed at the roadside, you, your vehicle (with caravan if towing), and up to seven passengers will be taken to any UK destination of your choice. It also includes Dual Recovery as explained below.

Roadside & Recovery for £72 a year

Dual Recovery

Premium UK and Roadside & Recovery options include our Dual Recovery cover, which means that a breakdown need not spoil your holiday. If your vehicle breaks down on the way to a pre-booked caravan site, then Mayday will get you, your car or motorhome and your touring caravan or trailer tent to site so you can still have your holiday. Your vehicle will then be taken to the nearest garage so that it can be repaired for the journey home. If that is not possible, Mayday will get you and your vehicles back home again after your holiday.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance provides a roadside repair service which should get you on your way again. If not, you, your car, and up to seven passengers will be taken to the nearest garage within 10 miles, where you can arrange repairs.

Roadside Assistance cover for £37 a year.

Optional extras

Additional optional services provide even greater peace of mind and include:

  • Home-call £26.50 (included as standard in Premium UK)
    Home-Call brings assistance to your doorstep, fixing mechanical problems at home or within 1/4-mile of your home address. If your vehicle can't be fixed, Mayday will take it to the nearest garage.
  • Personal cover £30.50
    Mayday covers the registered vehicle whoever is driving. This option allows you to extend the cover to include any car you drive or travel in. Your partner is also covered - free of charge.
  • Additional vehicle cover £23.50
    If you have other vehicles registered at your address, we can arrange cover for up to 5 additional vehicles at specially reduced rates.
  • Extra care £13 (included as standard in Premium UK)
    Enjoy even more peace of mind on the road:
    • a chauffeur if the main driver is injured or becomes ill
    • Motoring Legal Expenses up to £25,000 and legal advice included at no extra cost
    • overnight accommodation expenses
    • car hire included at no extra cost as an alternative to Recovery
    • telephone message handling service

Please note that this is promotional information only and a specimen of the full policy wording - its terms, conditions and exclusions - is available upon request. Green Flag is underwritten by U K Insurance Limited

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