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With modern technology posing a relentless distraction, and many people living stressful working lives, it can be easy to simply grab convenience food on the go, but sometimes it can be easy to forget to enjoy the basic things in life. Take the time to stop and talk to each other, get outside and enjoy your food with family and friends; food that is lovingly prepared and locally sourced, or even better, grown or found by yourself!

This week The Caravan Club hosted a foraging expedition at its Abbey Wood Caravan Site, in London, in order to show that with a caravan or motorhome as your base, you can be less than a few minutes from woodland (or any outdoor habitat), which in turn can provide you with a veritable feast - even in a city such as London!

The Club invited a group of bloggers to attend the day with foraging expert Monica Wilde. Setting off from the site on foot, they returned with their haul for lunch. The group of 15 came back with all sorts of things such as; butter cress, chickweed, cherry blossom, and wild carrot seed. They were also encouraged to turn off their mobile phone devices and immerse themselves in the pleasure of being outside, away from technology, and enjoy the experience fully with each other.

Monica says "It was a pleasure to go foraging with the bloggers at Lesnes Abbey Woods next to the Abbey Wood Caravan Club site, and we had a beautiful spring day for the event. To be honest, we found so much actually within the caravan site that we could have made lunch for everyone from chickweed, bittercress, dandelion and lesser celandine - perhaps flavoured with a clove root and wild mustard dressing - without even leaving the site."

Sarah, blogger at the event says "We met at The Caravan Club's Abbey Wood site, just outside of Greenwich. It was so bizarre that this lush open space is in the middle of a quiet, residential area. The log cabins and pine trees made it look like another country - such a beautiful base to set up camp if you are visiting London."

Greg says, "The foraging event widened my knowledge about the great outdoors and it has definitely made me think twice about the types of food I consume. It was great to see such a beautiful caravan site based in London, in close proximity to miles of woodland."

Tony Hall Director of Marketing for The Caravan Club says, "The idea behind this event was to highlight the merits a caravan or motorhome can bring to your life. Everyone thinks of it as a way of holidaying in the UK, which it is, but it can be so much more. With a caravan or motorhome every weekend can be a break away from your hectic life, it can get you up close to the action, whether that's foraging for a meal, fishing on a river, relaxing in peaceful countryside or attending a motor sport event."

Hall continues, "With a caravan or motorhome you can be closer, in your own space and move at the drop of a hat. It enables you to spend quality time outdoors with the people you love - the world is your oyster."

*It is important that if you wish to forage for food you know what you are picking and eating or you have an expert with you.

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