Tail lights

Garden gathering

"A couple of months ago I was showing my granddaughter what has become known as my 'Big Green Butt'," jokes Malcolm Jones, before clarifying that he was explaining how to collect water off the roof when it rains. "We took the lid off said butt to see inside and found a colony of ladybirds, apparently hibernating under the rim. I've never seen anything like it, and certainly not seen as many apparently different varieties in one place." We count a total of 43 ladybirds in total, Malcom... but can any readers do better?!

The writing's on the wall

Club member Peter Roper was tickled by this unusual sight. Is the sign simply stating the obvious? Not so... it's actually the signage for Wall, a village in Northumberland that lies just down the road from the slightly larger version named after Hadrian

Panini Plunder

We thought readers would like this photo of a sparrow enjoying a beak-full of panini. It was taken by Dave Thompson in Annecy, France, who was joined by a number of the birds during lunch at the town’s harbour. A few of the more cheeky, daring sparrows took matters into their own hands before Dave offered a few more morsels and snapped this great picture. 

Bench Warmer

Beverley Wightman spotted this unusual seat on a recent visit to the Botanical Gardens in Galsgow. "Someone must love knitting to have created this," says Beverley. "We realised the fatal flaw in the design when my husband sat on it - it had previously been raining. It took a while for his trousers to dry out..."

Twin Town

Not only is Dull (near Aberfeldy) twinned with Boring, Oregon, as this road sign attests, but the two have also created a ‘League of Extraordinary Communities’ with Bland in Australia. This photo comes courtesy of Brian and Kate Thomson, who had a chuckle at the sign as they travelled home from Pitlochry.

Rigged up

“Is this the ultimate tow vehicle?” asks Club member Derek Dawson. Well, the Caravan and Motorhome Club is a broad church, Derek, but there’s no denying that a few eyebrows could be raised and one or two curtains might even lightly twitch if this outfit pulled into a Club site! Although, as Derek points out, it may have a problem getting through some of the site barriers.

Well Spotted

A pic from our very own Director General, Nick Lomas, who noticed a ladybird blending into surroundings on a microphone during The National at The Sandringham Estate in May. Unfortunately the mic was switched off at the time, so the contents of the ladybird’s speech went unreported.

A bridge too far?

When the guide said that the site enjoyed unrivalled riverside views, this can’t have been what this caravanner was expecting! This unusual pitch was spotted by Club member Darian Bridge (yes, really!) while visiting the town of Chalon-sur-Saone in central France. At least the occupants of the caravan had easy access to the on-site pool!

Hibernation hide-out

All creatures great and small have been keeping warm over the winter – including this enterprising trio of starlings. Upon returning to his car at Chester Services, Club member Alan Ferris spotted them taking advantage of his warm tyres, and took this fun snap. 

Make hay whilst the sun shines

“We do things differently in Fenland…” says Sue Rogers, who came across this 1989 VW camper towing the hollowed-out shell of a caravan gone incognito. “Four shades of green paint, packed to roof with hay bales, hence the sagging suspension, on a farm byway,” says Sue. It’s certainly not your conventional (or recommended) towing approach…

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