Tail lights

Parking prowess

Thanks very much to Gordon Twigg, who spotted this wedged-in caravan while he waited at a car wash in Newport, Shropshire.

Gordon was so impressed with the owner’s parking skills he suggested that they must have been on a Club Caravan Manoeuvring Course! 

What a carve up

Make no bones about it, we were impressed by these magnificent caravanning pumpkins, which were made by Eve and Alex Baines during a ‘spooktacular’ Hallowe’en at their favourite Club site, Clumber Park.

Canine compadres

Susan Collingwood spotted an unusual pair of motorhome owners while on holiday earlier this year. Susan had to double take the suspicious pair. The navigator looks particularly relaxed – were they using the inbuilt cat-nav?

Carrot, coffee or caravan cake?

Even Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would be impressed by this towering birthday cake which was gladly received by Club member Howard Davey. A belated 'happy birthday' Howard – presumably it tasted as good as it looked! 

Thinking on balance

While at Torre de La Mora campsite near Tarragona, Keith Mercer snapped this swish motorhome propped up in an unswish way. He says, “I thought the attached photo might be an instructive item for Tail Lights.” On balance, Keith, I think you’re right!

Those were the days

Rachel Mason was going through some of her dad’s old pictures and found this one of him as an 8-year-old boy, with his sister and mother on holiday in Dorset. Rachel thought the picture of the caravan was interesting and that we might like it too! We certainly do Rachel. Happy days.

A proper gander

Take a good look! Geese for caravan-storage-site security guards? Ann Kaiser, who sent in the picture, thinks they’ll effectively discourage intruders.

So, what’s good for the goose...

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