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For many of us, driving is part of our daily routine and road safety is paramount.  For that reason it’s important that your vision is checked regularly.  If your optician recommends corrective eyewear including for driving, it’s vital to follow their advice.

Driving at night is one of the most visually demanding tasks we will encounter.  Light creates more reflections and glare on our glasses at night. It’s common to experience discomfort when faced with dazzling headlights from oncoming vehicles. This can be distracting and temporarily blinding as your eyes need time to readjust to the darkness beyond.  You may also notice that your visual contrast is reduced which may affect your ability to distinguish between objects and their background.  

Did you know that your optician can provide specific purpose driving glasses that provide many benefits?  

Ask your optician about Varilux Road Pilot with Crizal Drive or for single vision wearers, Essilor Road Pilot with Crizal Drive. These benefits include:

  • Wider fields of vision
  • Increased visual comfort
  • Up to 90% less reflections when driving at night vs a standard hard coated lens with no anti-relfective coating
  • Protects eyes by absorbing UV and selected blue-violet light into the material of the lens (depending on the lens material) 

Special offer for Caravan and Motorhome Club members, buy one get one half price on Essilor lenses! 

Essilor’s mission is to improve lives by improving sight and that's why they would never expect you to compromise on the quality of your lenses in order to get value for money when you can have both.

Right now, Essilor lens stockists throughout the UK are offering significant multi-pair discounts on top brands including Varilux, and Essilor Road Pilot lenses, Transitions, Crizal, Xperio and Eyezen lens brands. 

This means you can choose any Varilux or Single vision lens, and get the cheapest pair half price.  

Like millions of other wearers, you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of Essilor lenses. For more information about Varilux Road Pilot lenses visit 


Terms and conditions 

  • UK 18+. Opens 1 June 2019, closes 30 November 2019. Visit to download your voucher. Purchase one pair of Essilor Crizal lenses at full price from a participating independent optician to receive 50% off a second pair of lenses. Present voucher code at point of purchase. Both pairs must be for the same patient and the same prescription. Purchase first pair by 30 November 2019 and second pair by 31 December 2019.

  • Voucher must be presented at the point of purchase to receive the offer.
  • Terms and conditions apply see here for details.

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