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BBL Batteries is a UK leading battery business that is increasingly focused on the development, introduction and distribution of new and improved battery technologies to today’s Leisure market. 

BBL Batteries are offering Club members an exclusive 5% discount on LiFOS 68 and 20% discount on LiFOS 105!

Cost effective, with an impressive minimum of 2750 charge / discharge cycles, LiFOS gives a lower cost per cycle of up to 40% than a comparable lead acid battery which typically gives 400 – 500 cycles. Further, this number rises to 5000 if LiFOS is only discharged to 50% capacity before recharging.

Unique battery management and communication system which:

  • Operates heavy loads, up to 1000W, perfect for caravan motor movers
  • Protects the battery from deep discharging
  • Can be charged by regular mains chargers, vehicle alternators and solar panels
  • Charging times are dramatically lower
  • Monitor the state of charge using a smart phone / tablet via an online app available online for free download. (Apple or Android)

Powerful, Equivalent useable power as:

  • LiFOS 68 – 120Ah
  • LiFOS 105 – 200Ah

Terms and conditions 

  • Offer only available to Caravan and Motorhome Club members
  • 5% discount off LiFOS 68 and 20% discount off LiFOS 105 only
  • Discount code must be provided at the point of purchase, discount cannot be applied retrospectively.  Discount cannot be applied with any other offer or discount. 
  • Full terms and conditions apply, visit BBL Batteries website for details.  

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