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Save 50% on Flashcap

Boo9 Limited is offering Caravan and Motorhome Club members an exclusive 50% saving on its Flashcap – a low-cost tyre pressure monitoring system.

These electronic caps replace standard caps and flash when tyre pressure drops. With the discount, a set of two Flashcaps costs just £11.99.

Why tyre pressure is important

Tyre pressure is often overlooked. Driving on under-inflated tyres will:

  • increase fuel consumption
  • reduce the life of your tyres
  • heat up in use which may trigger a blow-out

Unlike a motor vehicle, where under-inflated tyres are often easier to detect by the way it handles, a caravan or trailer is far more difficult to spot by eye (or by kicking the tyre).

By replacing your regular valve caps with Flashcaps, you can rely on them to check your pressure, every second. The bright LED flashes on the Flashcap when your tyre loses pressure so you can be sure that your tyre pressures are correct with just a glance before every journey. 

Note: Wheels may require balancing when Flashcaps are fitted to motor vehicles with small alloy wheels.

Note: Flashcaps are sealed units, hence batteries are not replaceable. Battery life is primarily dependent on how long a PSI-cap is left to flash after it detects a drop in tyre pressure. In normal use, Flashcaps do not draw current from the batteries.

Terms & conditions

  • Flashcaps can be used on your tow vehicle, motorhome or motorbike. Motorhomes can have recommended pressures higher than Flashcaps’ maximum rating of 80psi (5.5 bar), so please check before buying (however, if you find Flashcaps don’t suit your vehicle, for whatever reason, you can return them to Boo9 for a full refund).
  • Full terms and conditions and returns policy on the Boo9 website.

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