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RoadPro, is one of the UKs leading supplier of 12V equipment for caravans and motorhomes and is offering Club members a 5% discount off the list price of all products. Their unique range includes a variety of practical products, all of them designed to make your caravanning and motorhoming even more enjoyable. RoadPro don't only supply high-quality products for motorhomes and caravans, they install them as well at their Daventry premises.

CTEK battery chargers

CTEK chargers have built a worldwide reputation for being easy to use, completely safe and very efficient. Designed in Sweden, CTEK chargers monitor, recondition, charge and maintain your batteries – both engine and leisure – whenever they’re not being used.

The MXS 10 is ideal for use in motorhomes and caravans and can be used with all types of lead-acid battery with capacities from 20Ah to 200Ah. It can be used to give a fast charging of up to 10 Amps and can also be left connected for months at a time, ensuring that your batteries are as healthy as possible when the time comes to use them again.



Lithium leisure batteries

If you like the idea of staying on CL campsites, even when there’s no electrical hook-up, you need to take a good look at how a lithium battery can help you stay off-grid for days at a time. RoadPro have a range of batteries for motorhomes and caravans!



Satellite TV equipment

When you take your caravan or motorhome out into the country or abroad, a satellite system is the best way to ensure that you keep up with your favourite TV programmes. RoadPro have a range of automatic models including our best-selling Mini-Dome: the easiest to operate satellite system on the market.



12V TVs

RoadPro have been supplying 12V and 24V televisions for over 30 years including Avtex and Alden models!



Solar power

A good solar power installation can pay for itself, especially as the price of electrical hook-up increases. Whether you want to simply make sure that the batteries don’t discharge while your caravan or motorhome is not being used or you want to spend days or even weeks at a time “off-grid”, RoadPro has a full range of panels, regulators and all the equipment needed.



MaxxFan 12V roof vents

If you like to have a constant flow of fresh air in your motorhome or caravan, a MaxxFan could be just what you need, whatever the weather - even when it's raining. Maxxfans fit a standard 40 x 40 hole and come complete with a handy remote control.



E-Trailer app controlled sensors

Fitted as original equipment by the biggest caravan and motorhome manufacturer in Germany, E-Trailer makes life easier and safer both when you're on site and on the road. Use the app on your phone to get your caravan level, keep an eye on tyre pressures and check the nose weight, water level, voltage at the battery and even whether your windows are closed before you set off.



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