Planning your route

We highly recommend that you keep organised and plan your journey ahead whilst touring abroad.

Plan your route thoroughly before you set off, there are a number of online route planners you could use.

Tick the ‘caravan’ box and the route planner will estimate the tolls for category 2 vehicles (motorhomes will also be category 2). Make sure you have ‘Michelin recommended’ route selected – this will be the most suitable for towing.

With this route planner, you can move the route from one road to another and use the navigation tools to take a really close look at the roads you will be using. You can also input the campsite's GPS co-ordinates to see exactly where the campsite is located.

Reclassification of French roads

The French government has decided to transfer the administration of approximately 18,000 kilometres of national roads to local authorities, resulting in the significant reclassification and renumbering of roads. This process started in January 2006 and no time limits were put in place to complete the operation. Each local authority can choose its own renumbering system and changes to road signs. In some cases the road renumbering follows a logical pattern:

Example roads Reclassifications

First letter changed - St Malo to Rennes

Old Number N137
New number D137

First letter and number changed - Figeac to Martel

Old number N140
New number D840

No logical change - Montmarault to Bessay-sur-Allier

Old number N145
New number N79

Our advice is to always use the road numbers in conjunction with the names of towns and villages on your route.

Allow plenty of time for your journey and take the most up to date map available.

Sat navs

In nearly all European countries it is illegal to use car navigation systems which actively search for mobile speed cameras or interfere with police equipment (laser or radar detection).

Car navigation systems which give a warning of fixed speed camera locations are legal in most countries.

The exceptions are:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Switzerland

In these countries, this function must be de-activated or deleted from your device.

Download site POI files for your Navman, Tom Tom or Garmin device.

Save money with Emovis

Emovis (formerly Sanef), the French motorway operator is offering its Liber-t automatic French toll payment service to UK motorists. Members can benefit from a free Liber-t tag application (normally 10€).

Offer valid all year

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Overseas site bookings can be made online. Discounts are common when you combine a site booking with your ferry or Eurotunnel crossing.  

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The Club's first time abroad section explains everything you need to know about going on your first overseas touring holiday.

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