Canadian tours

Canada has so much to offer in every season. Glide (or stumble) across icy Lake Louise on your skates during winter or hike on Banff’s mountain peaks in summer for unmissable views. Our tours explore every part of Canada, from the cities and the scenery to the native Canadian culture.

Don’t miss the boat trip that sails under Niagara Falls – you’ll be handed a poncho, but stepping off the boat dry would be a stroke of luck.

Top driving tip: It’s illegal to overtake a school bus while it’s picking up or dropping off. Look out for its flashing lights to avoid getting a hefty fine.

Helpful contacts

For general information about touring, driving, and accommodation:

Visit Canada Centre
P.O Box 101
TA20 9AR

Stanfords Ltd
12-14 Long Acre
Covent Garden
Telephone: 020 7836 1321

Maps and campsite guides for Canada.

Canadian Automobile Association
Can arrange break-down insurance, and give advice about driving, they are the equivalent of the AA or RAC in the UK.

The following websites have good information on campsites: and

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