Documentation and insurance

When you’re travelling abroad, there are certain documents and insurance that you must have with you. You’ll need to be able to produce these documents if you’re ever pulled over by the police while on the road.

The specific documentation the police will ask for will vary per country, but the following items are essential to carry with you on any overseas touring holiday, no matter what you’re driving or towing:

For your vehicle(s)

  • proof of ownership of your vehicle(s) (V5C document)
  • proof of your MOT (if the vehicle is over three years old)
  • proof of insurance (this should be the certificate)

For you

  • your driving licence
  • your passport (check countries' specific requirements at
  • an International Driving Permit (not essential in the EU)

Information - Licence advice

If you hold an all green licence (issued before 1991), this won’t conform to EU standards as it doesn’t have a pictorial representation of what you’re allowed to drive or tow. We advise you update your licence to a photo-card licence, or carry an International Driving Permit with you.

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