Camping pod rules

Why do we need 'rules'?

We want people to enjoy their holidays as much as possible. Our Club site rules are there to make everyone's life a little more relaxing and encourage site users and visitors to show consideration for others. We're sure you'll agree most of these are common sense.

1. Entering the site

a. Arrival time on site is after 12pm or 1pm and before 8pm. Please check individual sites for exact times.

b. The site staff have the right to refuse entry to the site where in the site staff's opinion a breach of, health and safety and/or Club site rules may occur.

c. When you arrive at the site, please see the site staff and pay your fees for your stay.

2. Management

a. If you need help, advice or have any difficulties please ask the site staff. They are responsible for the smooth running of the site and for making your stay as enjoyable as possible.

b. So everyone can enjoy holidaying on site, please follow the site staff's requests and all notices and instructions. Your health and safety is important, so please take care of yourself and others on the site.

c. If anyone on site disregards these rules and disrupts the enjoyment of others, the site staff may ask them to leave the site.

d. Compliance with our Club site rules is a condition of site usage for members and non-members.

e. For everyone's safety, please make sure your electrical equipment complies with all the current British Standards and Regulations. We're responsible for the safety of electrical points up to socket outlets, so cables, plugs and all equipment connected to them are your responsibility.

f. In the unfortunate case of a complaint, please see the site staff first as it is important that they are given the opportunity to resolve a difficulty whilst you are on site. If the problem can't be resolved, please write to the Head of Sites Operations at East Grinstead House.

3. Behaviour on sites

a. Please make sure you, and anyone staying with you, respect the comfort and convenience of other site users. When you're on site please don't behave in a way that discredits The Club. Verbal or physical abuse won't be tolerated. This will result in you being asked to leave the site.

b. If you have children with you on the site, you are responsible for their supervision.

c. No one wants their outfit damaged, so ball games are not allowed near the pitches. Please ask the Site Staff if there is anywhere suitable to play ball games.

4. Using your pitch

a. The maximum time you're allowed to stay on site is 7 consecutive nights

b. To show consideration for others, please leave the area that surrounds your pod clean and tidy on departure.

5. Sanitation

a. Please wrap disposable nappies and similar bulky items in a bag and place them in the bin provided. Please don't put them in the toilets or chemical closet emptying points.

6. Rubbish disposal

a. Please recycle as much of your rubbish as you can.

b. If you need to use medical equipment which results in clinical waste you must provide your own safe means of disposals

c. A bin has been provided in your pod for your convenience; please help us by taking any rubbish to a service point on site before you leave.

7. Fire precautions

a. As soon as you can after you've arrived, get to know the site's fire safety precautions and locations of fire points.

b. You must not light fires on the site.

8. Barbecues

a. If barbecues are permitted on site, please make sure you keep smoke and fumes under control so you don't annoy your neighbours.

b. Your barbecue must be raised off the ground enough to reduce fire risk and avoid grass damage.

c. Barbecues must not be lit inside, or on the decking of your camping pod, please use the grass area around your pod for cooking.

9. Dogs and other pets

a. Pets are not permitted in any of our camping pods. Only guide or assistance dogs are allowed in camping pods and into any of the facilities on site.

10. Noise

a. Please think of others and keep musical instruments, radios, televisions and so on, at a considerate noise level.

11. Site roads

a. Please drive your vehicle with particular consideration for pedestrians, including children and other vulnerable road users, who have priority over vehicles on our sites' roads. You must have a full current driving licence, insurance for the vehicle driven and follow the principles of road safety. Cars must have a valid road fund licence. Vehicle speeds should not exceed walking pace (5mph) and one way systems should be followed at all times. Please remember that other members' pitches are strictly "no-go" areas.

b. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters and roller skates are allowed on sites although, of course, consideration should be shown to other visitors. No cycling or skating is permitted on site between the hours of dusk and dawn, as determined by the site staff. Please observe any no cycling signs on site, such as around toilet blocks, and ensure that children are supervised at all times. Remember that the principles of road safety should be observed and special care should be taken when cycling onto and off roadways. Please ask the site staff about designated cycle routes nearby.

12. Booking your pitch in advance

a. If you're going to arrive after 8pm on the day you've booked in, please arrange a later arrival time with the site staff in advance, otherwise your booking may be cancelled.

b. Bookings must be made in the name of the person who is going to be staying on the site.

c. We ask that if you are unable to take up your site bookings that you give as much notice as possible when cancelling or amending so that others can take advantage of the pitch. The minimum notice required for any cancellation is 72 hours from 12 noon on your arrival date.

13. Leaving your camping pod

a. Pitches should normally be vacated by 12 noon.

b. No refunds will be given should you decide to leave earlier than originally planned.

14. Your responsibility

During the period of the holiday, the holidaymaker undertakes as follows:

a. That the number of people occupying the pod does not exceed the number stated on the booking confirmation;

b. To allow the site staff access to the pod at any reasonable time during the period of the holiday

c. To keep the pod and all equipment, fixtures and fittings in the pod in the same state of repair and condition as at the start of the holiday and to ensure that at the end of the holiday the pod is left in the same state of order and cleanliness in which it was found. The Caravan Club reserves the right to levy an additional charge for any extra cleaning required after the holidaymaker's occupancy and for any consequential loss

d. To report as soon as possible to the site staff any breakages or damage caused by the holidaymaker during the holiday and to reimburse the Caravan Club with the cost of replacement. We reserve the right to make a claim against the holidaymaker for repair or loss as a result of damage caused.