Fast check-in trial at Southland Club Campsite

Great news, in 2023 we're running a fast check-in trial at Southland Club Campsite on the Isle of Wight.

On arrival at the campsite, you can join the 'Fast check-in' lane and go straight to the barrier which will automatically open providing you have paid in full and your vehicle registration is correct. You'll then be able to confirm your pitch number via text and you're checked in, meaning you can start your holiday sooner!

You can still choose to check-in via reception if you want to, just drive in the 'Reception check-in' lane instead and check-in as normal.

If you're due to stay at Southland Club Campsite in 2023, you'll receive full details ahead of your arrival via email and text and you can also read full FAQs below.


Frequently asked questions

Why are you automating access to Club campsites?

We are trialling technology on site so we can offer you the best and most efficient service, freeing up staff for other important jobs on site and speeding up the check-in process which benefits you the member but also shows the club as a good neighbour by reducing the impact on the local roads.

This is a trial and we do expect to discover scenarios we have not planned for and as such, the trial will be supported by our site team and we may adapt or change the process as required to ensure the campsite arrival experience is as efficient as possible.

Will all Club campsites be automated?

This is just an extension of the trial at Clachan Club Campsite which started in 2022. We are going to trial up to 4 more Club campsites at various times during 2023 to ensure we learn more on busier campsites with different layouts and wider ranging customers including storage, seasonal and Experience Freedom. Clachan Club Campsite is already twinned with Maragowan Club Campsite less than a mile away and was a great place to trial the initial technology and gave us some great learnings.

Depending on the success of the extended trial it may be rolled out to more Club campsites from 2024 onwards.

When will the trial start?

The trial started at Southland Club Campsite at the start of the season in 2023.

How will I access the Club campsite?

You will have the choice to arrive and go to reception to check-in and you will then be added to the fast check-in system. Or, if you would like faster access to the Club campsite, please make sure to pay by midnight the day before your stay and update your membership details with your vehicle registration. You will then be able to join the 'Fast check-in' lane upon arrival which will be clearly signposted. Once you arrive at the barrier from 12pm, our cameras will verify your registration, a welcome screen will remind you of the pitch type you have booked and you will be able to proceed onto site.

How will I know where to pitch?

Once you arrive at the barrier, our cameras will verify your registration, a welcome screen will remind you of the pitch type you have booked and you can proceed onto site. We will send you a link to the site plan by TEXT before arrival and we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the site plan before you arrive.

I don't have a vehicle registration on my booking - how do I add it?

Members who are booked to arrive at any of the trial Club campsites during the trial period will receive an SMS prior to arrival asking for confirmation of their vehicle registration. Please respond to this text to confirm or correct your registration.

My vehicle registration has changed, how do I update it?

Members who are booked to arrive at any of the trial Club campsites during the trial period will receive a text prior to arrival asking for confirmation of their vehicle registration. Please respond to the text you will receive and update your vehicle registration.

I need to change my booking details - how do I do that?

If you need to make a change to your booking prior to your arrival, please login to your account and manage your booking. If extra assistance is required, please call the campsite directly or go to reception on the day.

Will the Club campsite be secure?

The Club campsite will be just as secure as it is today with barriers restricting entry to paid members, and site staff will be on site or close by, with the entrance way covered by a camera.

What happens in an emergency?

Nothing has changed, staff still remain on site. All details are available at the information hut.

What happens if I cannot access the Club campsite?

If you encounter an issue at the barrier, please go to reception. If reception is closed, contact details will be provided on site.

Can I arrive after 8pm?

There will be no arrivals to the Club campsite after 8pm. If you encounter a problem with your journey, please contact the Club campsite before 8pm.

Will staff still be on site?

Yes, staff will be on site.

What time can I arrive?

The Club campsite barrier will be programmed for any new arrival from 12pm to allow our sites team to get your pitch ready. Please make sure you factor into your journey a location where you can park and rest if you think you may arrive prior to 12pm.

Will staff no longer have a job?

This is a trial to assess improvements to member experience and will enable our staff to be more available on site and do other important jobs. This is not about cutting jobs, it's about making better use of staff time.

Do I need a barrier card?

No, barrier cards will not be required. The fast check-in system will give you access for the duration of your stay.

How do I tell you what pitch I am on?

Once your registration is acknowledged by the fast check-in system, and the barrier has opened to let you in, a TEXT will be sent to your mobile phone asking you to reply to the message with details of your chosen pitch number.

Once you have found your pitch, please respond to the TEXT message with your pitch number and we will complete your check-in. Please only provide your pitch number and no other information, this is an automated service. If you do not receive a TEXT and/or you don't have any phone signal, please either let the staff on site know or visit reception to provide them with the details.

What happens if I arrive without a booking?

We encourage everyone to book in advance. However if you arrive on site without an existing booking or have made an on the day booking, during office hours please pop into reception. The fast check-in system does not currently integrate with bookings made on the day of arrival. So if you arrive late you risk not being able to enter the Club campsite.

What happens if I want to leave early?

You can leave whenever but please make sure to inform our Club campsite staff on the time of your departure.

What is Visitor.Express?

Vistor.Express is a product from NetFM who have partnered with us for this trial. They provide the technology that enables the fast check-in process to work efficiently based on accurate data.

I am bringing a second car, what do I need to do?

Pop into reception and let the team know, this can be added to your booking for the duration of your stay once you have paid the charge for a second car.

How do I contact the Club campsite?

You can call the Club campsite team during office hours 9am - 5pm.

I store my van on-site, what do I need to do?

The Club campsite team will ensure your storage pitch is loaded into our new system along with your vehicle registration. This will enable entry once you have collected the key for the storage compound from reception on arrival.

I have a seasonal pitch on site, what do I need to do?

When you next come to the Club campsite please come to reception so the team can set you up on the system for Fast track check-in. If you have multiple vehicles or a motorbike, let the team know so they can add them to the system and let you know how to access the Club campsite. You will need to let the staff know as you do currently if you have anyone extra staying as they will need to pay an extra fee.

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