Booking for Spring/ Summer 2015


An incredible 52,382 bookings were made on the day by 15,597 members, using our new Easy Book system. Prompted by straightforward questions such as ‘Where do you want to go?’, ‘Where are you going?’ and ‘Who is going?’, members were able to make their reservations within a few clicks, whether they were using mobile phones, tablets or PCs.

We hope members enjoyed booking in this way and that they will continue to use Easy Book throughout the year.

There were a couple of issues on the day. Firstly, we are sorry that members were unable to reserve pitches at our Hillhead or Seacroft sites on 3 December – this is not because they were fully booked but because we have special Christmas and New Year arrangements at these sites. More information will follow. Secondly, there were a few ‘login’ issues early on but these were quickly resolved by our technical team – sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Facts and figures:

50% of all bookings were made between 9am and 10am - 24,148 via Easy Book and 1,726 via our Contact Centre

  • The average number of bookings per member was 3.4
  • The average length of holiday booked was 5.5 nights
  • The majority of bookings were for three nights (10,151), and 6,413 were for 7 nights
  • A total of 287,275 nights were booked from a possible 3.3 million. That means there’s still plenty of availability across the sites network!
  • Only 25 sites were completely full for one or more nights during 2015.

Our top ten selling sites were:

York Rowntree Park – 4,602 bookings (84 nights sold out)
Chatsworth Park – 3,169 bookings (16 nights sold out)
Southport – 1,737 bookings (7 nights sold out)
Baltic Wharf 1,511 bookings (79 nights sold out)
Castleton – 1,327 bookings
Clumber Park - 1090 bookings
Black Knowl - 1030 bookings
Knaresborough – 1001 bookings (8 nights sold out)
Hawes - 939 bookings
Bridlington – 839 bookings (9 nights sold out)
Moreton in Marsh – 737 bookings